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  4. please no
  5. Discord Name: ScarletTangent Why: I have been an active member in the community, and I feel like I would be a well-respected mod. I try to treat everyone fairly and with respect. I would not abuse my powers and try to over control discord activity. In the past, I feel like I have been a good admin across different platforms. Thank you for reading. Age: 21
  6. Discord Name: erik the madman Why: I am on discord all the time and would be of great assistance. i know the rules and understand what is / isn't COOL Age: 16 .
  7. Commands Available !challenge !rank !gameme !guns !ws !gloves !knife
  8. Follow format. Discord Name: Why: Age:
  9. Server is back online. Post in here when there's issues and explain issues as well.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Oof sounds good
  12. Always wondered what this was? I was supposed to start this yesterday, until real life got in the way. This replaces the Wall Promos and will last a lot longer. Chances of random skin drops, stickers, and Steam Games are featured in this campaign. The campaign is a series of the following parts, broken down into steps: Each campaign gets longer in steps. Step Types: Story Step: Shows a couple small lines of actions and dialogue in the story. No challenge required to clear this step. Quest Step: A small task that requires several things done to clear, awards gold. No difficulty curve is chosen for this type of challenge. Mission Step: A larger task that requires several things done to clear. awards gold, and drops. Choose one of four difficulty curves to determine the amount of gold received in these tasks. * The Mission difficulty scale is: Bronze - Easy / Silver - Medium / Gold - Hard / Platinum - Expert. Diamond challenges now only happen once a week (see below) Epic Battle Step: A very large task that requires community members to clear the tasks. Warden cannot clear these at all. These are always the last step in a campaign, excluding the first campaign. This feature will begin later this afternoon. I have been busy doing real life stuff. Hope this will be something you'll be looking forward to.
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  15. Last week
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    Who are you?
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    ey b0ss
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  20. Hi

    i'm not his child he kidnapped me dont report stupidity to him or i get banned
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    ey b0ss
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    Hi, I'm Sleepy, an Event Coordinator and Admin over at Skynet Gaming and Event Coordinator and Mod over at Gaming Community Central. Just registered on y'alls forums to keep up with your community. @nat~ is my child, please don't take anything he says seriously and report any stupidity to me @ http://steamcommunity.com/id/Sleepy_03
  23. hi

    i really like my name, thanks
  24. hi

    I'm going to nut in you nat.
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