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  2. Specifically west central East? which one
  3. Today
  4. +1 my dogs name is High Quality Metal Or high qual for short
  5. where's the server located ?
  6. +1 that being said, my corgi's name is Milo.
  7. Set for 03/28/17 @ 7:30PM PST
  8. Set for 03/28/17 @ 7PM PST.
  9. Server released 3/27/17 -add !radio -remove maps [Crashes] Current Map Pool: am_yard.bsp am_water_v6.bsp am_water2014.bsp am_underground.bsp am_texture2.bsp am_texture.bsp am_temple_ly.bsp am_stranded_v2.bsp am_stock.bsp am_skybound.bsp am_sandtunnel.bsp am_ramps.bsp am_nuke.bsp am_must2.bsp am_multi_v6.bsp am_lupus_beta_02.bsp am_loot.bsp am_jamajskie_grass64.bsp am_inferno_mid32.bsp am_inferno_mid.bsp am_grassland_v2.bsp am_grass2.bsp am_dust2_long.bsp am_dust2014.bsp am_dd2_b_dolnma.bsp am_crashz_dust_v2.bsp am_aztec2015.bsp GameMe: GameMe stats will be added to all competitive servers quite soon. (PUG,AWP) Track your in-game stats and accuracy via the leaderboard [Player List]. See your rank amongst other players. Most played maps. In-Game Commands: Have fun.
  10. Please just name it on your own, it would suck for your dog to have a name that came from a gaming community no offense, even if its a cool name, you should name it because its going to be your dog man, and you cant past these chances up. Just sayin
  11. Why are status updates so far down on the site :I

  12. tbh name it doge, i agree with august here
  13. Tbh find out what your dogs are comfortable with :P
  14. erik
  15. Yesterday
  16. Pepe
  17. name it rocco!
  18. Doge Thank me later.
  19. my friends dog is named shitferbrains, maybe you can use it too
  20. Buying a dog, need name suggestions please help.
  21. hi nick how are you
  22. hi rock man
  23. yes please take me off of the team. quality like grab chub I am proud
  25. hello +1 to liking surfing :)
  26. thanks ant!!
  27. Last week
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