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New Operator application from Blackout

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  • In Game Name:
    LG | Blackout
  • Hours:
    25 this month around 115 last two months
  • Server:
    Beginner Surf
  • Age:
  • Do you have a Mic?
  • What can you do for the server?
    I have been an admin before, so i carry experience, i know how to control a crowd and i know when to give people punishments, i also know all the things i need to know in cases of people avoiding mutes, whether it be people with constantly changing names or people who use others names to try and avoid it.
  • Why do you want to be admin?
    I want to be admin because i would like to be able to help the server more and I am starting to play more and I am getting back into surfing with people. I have also noticed that when there are people on who are deliberately trying to be a disruption, some admins seem to let people go too far instead of punishing them before it makes people annoying and want to leave. I want to get more involved and help surf grow more, but just putting in constant hours is ultimately pointless if it accomplishes nothing.
  • What time are you available for an interview in Discord?
    On school weeks after 3:00 PM CST, which is any week other than this one, on weekends i can do it anytime.

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+.99 would make a great admin if he can manage to be a little less confrontational. Just a little. ;) 

P.S. he can gain his last +.01 when he buys CS:S :D

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Posted (edited)

-1  Dislike

has hate towards both new and old players(at least what i've seen), for no reason. Starts fights in chat.. Spams chat.. Never heard him use mic



+0.25 tried to turn a new leaf over with you, given the new server. But you don't seem to want that.

Edited by Frosty

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