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IllusionJM Server Moderator for JB

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  • In Game Name:
    LG | IllusionJM
  • Reason for applying:
    I am applying for server moderator for very similar reasons to my surf operator app. Except I feel that this position is a much more crucial role. In surf servers, I wanted to help create and grow a large friendly community; however, I also applied to be able to deal with any problems that occured (micspammers, earrape, etc.).  With JB I am applying for that, plus there is much more dire need for admins in cases where players spray down stack or delay the round. As an operator that already knows these rules, I think I am a good fit for one of the first JB moderators to help influence the server to continue grow, much like the surf server did and is continuing to do.
  • Hours devoted to current server:
    The server has been up for about 24 hours and I have 10

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Posted (edited)

August denied me because of the server wsa going back down for a sustained amount of time, I asked if it wsa fine when i applied :D @themonkey

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Already an admin and has shown great responsibility and maturity. I believe he would make a great server moderator.


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