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Update - 4/18/16

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Staff Changes:

Lupus, Kitty, Mayo -> Legend

@Antonio -> Manager

@Rachnus -> Developer w/ Jailbreak panel access


-> Interviews are removed. 


-1v1 may be scrapped & operators removed if it doesn't pick up. Ever since it was down for ~5+ days it died.

-We will keep Jailbreak up and attempt to revive it with thhe influx of summer population


@Masi & @RYDIOO will be running an EU Deathrun server under LG's name. Some of you may remember him from SG, he created the bounce parkour gamemode. Server will either thrive or die w/ him, he will be added as a Server Head for that server and be controlling applicants as operators for it, with our dev support.


-We are switching plugins that tracked time played statistics, a bug in addicttime code causes some times to randomly reset, starting May 1 all times will be reset and we will be converting to a new plugin made by @Rachnus. He has also been working on a JB ranking system which details can be found here:


-Surf + 1v1 chat colors have been modified, we are going to keep a theme with all our servers thru chat from now on which some of you have noticed. Replay bot issues should now also be permanently fixed (thank god)


-Other web statistic display pages are under development

-New ACTIVITY page added to top navigation bar


Also as a side note we will never beg for donations but I would like to get a lot of development ideas we have completed before summer kicks off and any amount helps :^)

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