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  1. The store is the same across all of our servers but each server has certain items disabled. This means if you buy an item on one server you still have it on other servers but you just can't use it. The reason certain items like trails are disabled on surf is because they could become distracting to other players and take away from the surfing experience. As for adding more player skins that will not happen without removing other ones. We want to keep the download time for new players to a minimum because it takes players a long time to connect when there are loads of things to download.
  2. hi.

    1:13 - nvg | Obey: shit servers
  3. Swoobles in too
  4. pick me coach
  5. PST sucks
  6. They probably have an old or edited version
  7. I am going to completely remake LR in the next few days. I'm not fixing the current version as it is a public plugin. Complain here: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=108810
  8. Thread will be updated soon
  9. Store items and credits will transfer across all servers. More types of items are most likely going to be added in the near future depending on the gamemode
  10. We want the best! And it's Almost done
  11. Not needed, we are trying to get to a point where pretty much all plugins are custom made (by me) to ensure speed, performance and future updates
  12. Voice pitch plugin xD
  13. Yeah I understand that... sorry if you can't use your weapons for 5 seconds :|