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-LG- Vn0m

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  1. hello bruce
  2. Franky
  3. It's Okay man, you don't need to say sorry. I've been off the grid a lot, and we never played anyways, best of luck, I'm always here if you need me doe
  4. My position on this is simple, but how i get to it is not. The process of getting someone into the final stages of the death penalty are very costly, so much so that keeping all people on death row would significantly hold less burden on taxpayers. My 2nd point is that the final method of lethal injection while seems humane, is also pretty costly as well, not at a significant level but I'd just like to point that out. The problem I have with the court system is that for a lot of lawyers it ends up being a battle to win for the sake of it, rather than to seek justice, there have been time in multiple cases where people have been pressured into writing confession letters even though they were innocent because being under the hear was to much and the attorney had just convicted "another criminal" and makes his record that much better. While this is a small percentage and low hanging fruit it still has to be pointed out that this has happened. I agree very strongly with Zeezo when he says "I'm not against the death penalty if there is 100% undeniable proof and it's a fairly heinous crime." Lethal injection seems very humane and doesn't seem to cause pain, while we will never hear a first hand account of if it really is painless or not, if it is painless then this person doesn't really suffer to much from his experience. Now people argue that we should keep things as humane as possible, but keep in-mind that if this person has committed a very heinous crime, why would we make it 100% painless, if it actually is. This is where it can get a little philosophical. Is a painless punishment a really punishment. Even if it is, does a painless end to one's life really dissuade up-and-coming criminals to not commit other heinous acts. When I think about these things I only can think of wanna-be criminals just scoffing at the death penalty. which only causes us to give more death penalties which ends up just going through the first 2 points I've made. This doesn't necessarily mean that we make the death penalty a gruesome horrifying nightmare, it just means lethal injection has it's flaws as well. I just wish for a couple of things, the process that comes with the death sentence was not costly to the point where it doesn't cost more to house them for life, we get past and make the judgment system as perfect as possible, and the sentence itself while it shouldn't be gruesome it at the same time shouldn't be painless. In the end I'm not against it neither am I for it. I just wish that if it must stay a thing it becomes better, and if it isn't a thing that people are still rightfully punished in some fashion for their crimes. because really it doesn't matter, as long as they are getting punished in some fashion, and are not out free on the streets continuing their crimes, it's a success whether they are behind bars, or in the grave. These are just my opinions and are open to debate, just don't attack me for them.
  5. mai la ngoui gia, mai co kho cu nho
  7. everything that happens in CS:GO is luck... jk, sick frags by the way
  8. In Game Name: Vn0m STEAM_ID: STEAM_0:0:121676818 Hours: 13, I will be more since before this i was mainly taking a break from CS as a whole because the passion i felt was dying, but now I'm back in full swing. Server: 5v5 pug Age: 16 Do you have a Mic? Yes What can you do for the server? I've admin'd for a long time now. I don't flex my power and whenever I use commands it's for the server and not for myself. whenever I'm on I will do my best to keep the server the best I can possibly make it go. I always took care of problems i could deal with and did my best to make sure as many people where having fun as possible, while keeping things in line Why do you want to be admin? When there is an admin on they are helpful and keep things going, I want to do that. While i know there are current admins they cant be on all the time, we are busy people. I want to be there for the times when there aren't people on, or even when they are on to make sure all bases are covered. What time are you available for an interview with me in Discord? (After being approved by Management and Owners) Normally weekdays anytime past 4:30pm pst and weekends and weekends normally anytime after 12pm pst. If there is any problems with scheduling I will deal with them.
  9. that was fast
  10. yay
  11. Hey @Shiro if this is true, how good of head does he give?
  12. there is a quick concept i thought of, hate it, like it, idc just thought I'd give a little idea
  13. sign me up