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  1. bay area ftw.
  2. Daycare Captain: Jake 1. @I lose not win 2. @Cailen 3. @Cubin2k 4. @ScarletTarget Sub: Certified_GSD
  4. 1v1 me rust rn.
  5. Uplay name: Jake.wTc Rank: Silver 1 Best operators: Mira, Rook, Twitch How many operators do you own: 7 Do you want to be a team captain?: no
  6. Yes! I got my team already :)
  7. I would be down for a 5v5 if we get enough people.
  8. Name your dog Dean. love you @Mo.
  9. I have been bullied into silence, but now I shall speak with pride.
  10. A skin donation option.
  11. ofc you like this, you fucking mormie.
  12. English, Spanish, A little bit of Arabic and french.
  13. I've had this baby since 79'
  14. My d000000000000d.