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  1. @August are you fucking retard? Hes only asking for operator not manager... SMH
  2. No
  3. This is a joke right... Shiro change the color of his name back to normal
  4. I hope you know that isn't how Matches work. In ESEA and Cevo you have 2 matches a week... And they are default scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday and both teams have to agree on a Day and time to reschedule them. There is no way this will work
  5. Holy shit those were some sick 4ks on some mm players
  6. http://vocaroo.com/i/s0pye2hPdnfF
  7. Ebic's right Also I wanna point out you said "normal fair level" this community has very few normal players. And it isn't fair to the ones who aren't totally shit to have to play with shit for the shit to feel like they aren't shit. The only reason you care so much about the shit is that they're the majority and they will stay the majority until they actually play and learn against some people who aren't shit Ebic isn't being selfish hes trying to have fun Ebic and I are only going to have fun if we have decent teams to play on It's not fun for me or ebic to play 1v5 because we have to have 4 shitty players on our team so our teams aren't considered "stacked" Our teams aren't stacked the rest of the teams are just total dogshit
  8. Hosting tryouts to take Eriks spot He'd rather go to "french club" than show up for practice
  9. Erik is subpar you dingus
  10. These things are never going to be fun, Its literally 5 or 6 people who carry the rest of the garbage dragging them down No offense to most of you but its really hard to put a tourney together when the people participating are all sub-par players It just isn't fun to wait a week trying to get all 10 players on at the same to see one team destroy the other...
  11. Lol I can't IGL and AWP so we have to find someone who can or I can IGL and 2nd AWP When I try hard I stop talking to focus and forget to try to manage everything
  12. Erik I didn't give you permission to use bossman
  13. <3

    Can I get something with an awp or awping someone If its awping someone that someone has to be that Eric kid
  14. You're retarded. He's saying he's crying.
  15. Hola Ima need you to help me with Spanish because this cute mexican girl at my school speaks spanish and I have no idea what she's saying