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  1. i love frosty no matter what answeer he is given he will always have a plus one from me <3
  2. you have slore;) p250 sand dunes
  3. Ever since I meet Rocco on surf I knew his potential , everyone shut up with the 14 bs age don't mean nothing. He is mature at what he does and is a nice guy to talk too and is on a lot, AND HE HAS A MIC,so he can actually help greet and welcome new players and answer questions(ik there is chat but who looks at that)...oh yeah +1
  4. suck my dick already...
  5. lol its me again i will be gone this next week just a heads up! server might not be admin'd correctly while im gone lol jk...
  6. No u
  7. In my opinion both are useless I can get per say "high" without the need for using a drug to help enchance my experience that's why I choose neither although I've been offered BOTH multiple times in my life.... but if you enjoy it it's not bad drinking once in a while or smoking weed...
  8. ++1 Ever since i asked him about what he codes, I knew this guy would be a great add to the server. Great guy, non toxic, talks when needed too and is actually on the server most of the time unlike others [edit]also he is extremely helpful for new upcoming surf players. see what i did with the ++ before the 1 xD
  9. Asteral I could do a story of how we meet? If you feel left out....
  10. This all starts on slayers, I saw this guy named Pringle and he was talking(seemed pretty friendly) I asserted my dominance over him by talking about my surfing ability and we became friends ever since, he would later tell me he was a paidmin trying to get out of that lifestyle by applying for admin(he either did or didn't I forget) but if he did I'm pretty sure he got declined sadly(<3 Pringle) me and Pringle would eventually have many memories on slayers, but would get seperated(for a bit) but then I saw him connect to a lg server(may have been surf or ttt back when it was up) and the rest well you know the rest because this is before they were famous;) @Pringle(ツ)
  11. +1 well ever since our comp game a year ago i knew that this man was destined for a bright future, not toxic like most players, and provides a clean and fun experience for mostly everyone....and knows how too ya know....admin!
  12. I drive a modded Camry(2004) with dual exhausts and it's turbocharged with a nasty hood scoop and leds everywhere. And I have yellow bad ass fog lights that let the bitches know when I'm pulling up... also tinted windows and a vape in the car at all times...cuz I blow the gayest clouds at red lights...
  13. And you live in Arizona or Las Vegas?
  14. jewwy

    Hope you enjoy such a nice community and memories that come!
  15. very descriptive Pringle! I love the vocabulary? Make more?!