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  1. Going to the NHL Draft this year ^_^ Any of you guys going?

  2. HOLA!
  3. welcome mr new guy!
  4. + I'm kinda in the middle here. When you've been on at the same time as me I've noticed you're mature but at other times you can be hella toxic. I think you should work on that before you become admin, but I think once you do that you'd be great :) Edit: I'm changing it to a plus, the poritives outweigh the negatives & everyone has their moments and I think he deserves a shot. I forgot to mention he's really helpful in terms of surfing and offering to help people.
  5. hiya! welcome i hope u have a nice day ^_^
  6. got my hair done ^_^



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    2. zuggie24


      thanks guys ^_^ 

      and true durandal, shouldve asked permission b4 i posted this pic of u


    3. Zrimac


      OHHHH you're a girl, that makes sence why you were freaking out about dyeing it

    4. zuggie24


      lmao zirmac


  7. I 100% agree he should have life in prison. Scumbags like this honestly don't deserve an "out", whether that means parole or death. Also, considering the crime he committed he might be killed in prison soooo there's that too, but that may not happen so that's something of chance. I also agree with Zeezo when he said "I'm not against the death penalty if there is 100% undeniable proof and it's a fairly heinous crime". Like in cases with Dylan Storm Roof, he defended his killing of 9 African Americans and said he did not regret them. Hell, I'll dance on his grave when he dies. That crime was proven to be committed by him, it was extremely heinous, and I agree his sentence was correct. Any assholes who commit terrorist attacks/mass shootings/anything like that with 100% proof they did it can honestly die for all I care. Sounds harsh but thats how I think. "I think the prisoner themself should be allowed to request the Death sentence" NO^
  8. I know english and I'm in the process of learning spanish, high school spanish sucks ass though so I think I'm gonna continue learning on my own time/in college
  9. hola! I haven't gotten to know you yet but welcome :)
  10. these are gorgeous. thanks for sharing them forreal :)
  11. when is it waffle time?

    1. zuggie24


      good question! probably when it gets warmer, im still not used to the cold lmao

    2. erik :]

      erik :]

      aka never l M a O

  12. hola! i dont know you but welcome :)
  13. jewwy

    Hola! hope youre having a nice day :)
  14. +1 hes so nice to everyone and he makes the server really enjoyable :)
  15. +1 hes just a nice guy, finally got around to going on to surf and hes just a really nice guy who just wants everyone to have a good time.