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  1. ign: fusebox88 S1: Unranked S2: Unranked (started in season 3) S3: Gold (started out at bronze xd) S4: Gold S5: Gold S6: Gold S7: Plat
  2. Fusebox88 1v1 2v2
  3. First off I would like to make amends with those that I have "wronged", @Asuna @erik :] @Moma I am sorry for the things I had said Like Shiro has said this is a new community, so I want to start fresh Anyways I have no plans soon of completely jumping ship from SG since a number of my friends have decided to "go down with the ship" xd, as well as I feel I can help both communities. If you want to add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/jhintop , on LOL: fusebox88 , on Battle if you have Gambino added you have me added since I allowed him to use my account
  4. Summoner Name: Fusebox88 Preferred Role: Top/Mid S6 Rank: Gold 2