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Bill Nye the Nazi Spy

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  1. nvm its over ;(
  2. I ride a dune buggy in the sand with a p250
  3. @Cubin2k @Jake- @Kenguini ^w^ #FreeSweg @Antonio @erik :] @dash @pinchedcow @scoobyboobys @Laurence @Durandal @Jared Togle @Gambino @I lose not win @BatPaws @Rai @themonkey @Cailen @ScarletTarget
  4. When is first game and between who
  5. traitor
  6. scarlet baby no u traitor
  7. lets start shit talking so it can be like an average forum tournament. The Mad Men? More like the Mad WOMEN DIGHFJKHSFJKSJLDFJHSFD i'll just leave now pce
  8. Team Name: WTC Captain: @BatPaws Player 1: @Rai Player 2: @Bill Nye the Nazi Spy Player 3: @Gambino Player 4: themonkey LETS GO BOIS WTC WILL RISE
  9. is it like we pick 5 people now or is it draft pick? if so Ima pick coolthunder Batpaws Jake Gambino WTC BOIS
  10. i remember when you first joined fago i expect shit memes ok?
  11. i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed ittttttttttt
  12. 69
  13. When will teams start to be picked?
  14. Uplay name: SxrYT Rank: Gold 4 Best operators: Rook, Jager, Ash, and Sledge (I can play most lurkers) How many operators do you own: All of 'em Do you want to be a team captain?: Sure lol
  15. shhhhh ;)