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Bill Nye the Nazi Spy

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  1. When will teams start to be picked?
  2. Uplay name: SxrYT Rank: Silver 2 - 1 Best operators: Jager, Ash, and Sledge (I can play most lurkers) How many operators do you own: All of 'em Do you want to be a team captain?: Sure lol
  3. shhhhh ;)
  4. shhhhh ;)
  5. I want it so I can be charitable and give it to others :)
  6. we have 14 people who voted on siege meaning that they have the game I could attempt to get 6 more if u guys want me to.
  7. duplicate posts shit
  8. nvm AGAIN +1 because I just realized that JB was released less than a week ago.
  9. +1 richboy
  10. I have siege and i'm not that bad. I'll play and i'll get people like @Gambino @Cailen @Cubin2k and maybe Gratata and @Jake my boy Thunder and a few others if possible. god like team fuck yea WTC WILL RISEEEEEEE
  11. +1 bullies me but not as hard as everyone else
  12. William or Henry ;3
  13. Ik that this post is just to say you should get it out of the way so you dont have to deal with it later kind of post. I see your point of view though.
  14. do it right now its been like 4 months of this community being out