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  1. Glad to have you on board pal, the community is proud to have someone on duty within the Jailbreak development. Welcome Abroad! @Rachnus
  2. Recruiting/Subbing in the LG member Unknown as our fourth player, as he has disbanded from the team "We Love Rage", alongside !Kevin's inability to pursue future matches within the tournament. @Shiro @erik :]
  4. Have em baddies play through multiple minigames, each one resulting in a limited amount of inmate deaths. Then, once there are two final criminals remaining, give them a Last Request.
  5. This man just made more likes in one post than I will ever make in my lifetime on this community, well done Toasty my friend, well done.
  6. I will miss you baby, well I have missed you actually. All I ever see is you on that Rainbow Shit and it makes me shed a tear. I love you and am always here for you just know that darling.. my sweet darling.
  7. I think i'll pick the Benzodiazepines
  8. Great Tale honestly, but if it could involve alot more penis and gay but sex it would be gr8 m8. Keep up the good work laddy!
  9. @dash Good Game to you sir and your gentleman. Good Game Indeed.
  10. Subbing in @Code (Code++) for n1ck @Shiro @dash
  11. Let me check up with my lads on what they like best.
  12. First of all, its not Meth, its Amphetamine Salts, Secondly its spelled "dedication" not "retardation", Third I was a bit clogged up in the head with stimulants at the time I wrote that (and currently right now writing this too)
  13. Well, I dont really think which might be the problem
  14. Well guys, im actually verry happy to announce that I have just measured my penis for the first time. So how things went down: Playing on surf_cookiejar and two men who appeared to be new surfers happened to be discussing expensive vehicles (even though it sounded like they were talking about CPU's). As unfamiliar I am with fast new generation cars, I politely asked if we could switch the topic of choice to something else, as I was unable to join in on the conversation involving vehicles. Being me, I asked if we could discuss Pee Pee's, from their one of the gentleman left the server, and the other exclaimed he has an estimated 12 Inch Penis. With this size of a cock in mind, I made the executive decision to measure my cum gun for the first time! Requesting the man including a few other members on the server at the time, to remain still, I searched for a measuring instrument for a good 5 minutes, until I finally managed to find a cold metal meter stick in which I responded back with. Starting from where my flaccid tally-whacker intersects my scrotum, I gently pressed the meter stick up against my little tower, discovering my flaccid penis measured an amazing 3.5 Inches. Sadly even with the help of friends such as Xray and Noah I was unable to develop a steady erection that would allow me to find my egg rolls maximum length, even using tactics such as pinching the 'hood' of my johnny, ping-ponging the head, and many more. Nevertheless I am still greatly appreciative of everyone's help in measuring an amazing 3.5 Flaccid Inches.
  15. @Shiro May you please replace TehFawks with @!Kevin as our fourth player, thank you.