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  1. how did we NOT just play the semi-finals? professor pj's bitches plays whoever wins out of ge's suck vs we love rage, then whoever wins that plays our team and whoever wins that plays dash's team. How can there be a game after that ? how did the game we just play end with one match if it was the semi-finals? or if it wasn't the semi-finals, how was it not the semi-finals?
  2. In Game Name: ebic STEAM_ID: STEAM_0:0:638721 Hours: nil Server: 1v1 Age: 18 Do you have a Mic? yes What can you do for the server? Aside from playing on it and ensuring people adhere to the rules, I can welcome new players to the server since the vast majority of people I play with only play the game competitively so I could encourage them to practice on the server regularly. Why do you want to be admin? It benefits both myself and the community if this server is populated as I can't play on it on my own. I feel I will be more inclined to administer this server since the competitive aspect of this game is all that truly keeps me interested - and this server offers that aspect. I feel I'm proficient at the game and if a situation involving a suspicious player occurred, I'm adamant I would make a well-informed decision about whether that player stayed on the server or not. What time are you available for an interview with me in Discord? (After being approved by Management and Owners) Anytime
  3. Specifically west central East? which one
  4. +1 my dogs name is High Quality Metal Or high qual for short
  5. where's the server located ?
  6. idk why it posted twice
  7. when's he going pro
  8. Friday Saturday any sort of time is okay for us I'll talk to you in steam about it
  9. you told us to schedule our own games though are you scheduling them again ?
  10. du hurensohn
  11. this is pretty cool
  12. does this tournament even still exist
  13. Alchyhol