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  1. I speak English fluently. I took two years of French in high school, but not seriously enough to remember it 4-6 years later. I know bits and pieces of Spanish. Wish I took Spanish in high school though. Definitely would have been more useful to know.
  2. Hell yeah these pictures look rad, man! Thanks for taking them. Looks like you had fun!
  3. +1 This chick! Great drawings, even better happy endings.
  4. Sup David. Welcome to the forums man!
  5. Hey. Welcome to the forums, hope to see you around.
  6. -1. You seem like a pretty cool person. You're not disruptive to the servers and you are good at interacting with others. However, you aren't admin material. The lack of experience is a big part, but the unfortunate fact that so many people made meme responses just kind of proves this point. It kind of feels like being an admin seems like a "thing to do". Sorry for my input.
  7. stop
  8. Hey! Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay.
  9. Yo

    Hey it's my favorite chola!
  10. Yo

    I still see it as orange for now. :P
  11. Yo

    Hey everyone. Finally made an account for this website, thought the next logical step would be to make an introduction. For those of you that already know me, yo. For those of you that want to know me, hmu some time. Hope this all works out well. :)