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  1. hello +1 to liking surfing :)
  2. triggered?
  3. I know you are but what am I ;P
  4. What makes you think bans aren't appealable? :D
  5. +1, ghostbusters is best map, we need this. not cancer AT ALL!
  6. My memeing has only begun ;)
  7. +1, you are a good operator and would make a good server moderator P.S.:Add me you nerd
  8. +1, even tho he is a fag, he would make a pretty good admin: xD
  9. @Asteral @lulzxdd @Blackout @IllusionJM I'VE BEATEN SURF_OMNIBUS
  10. ey dats pretty good
  11. triggered af.
  12. Sounds good, maybe you should pin my new post if I decide to make an event so it might ACTUALLY GO FUCKING THROUGH!
  13. Bit late... since it was supposed 2 be at 5(or 7 which you are still late 2) XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD