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  2. I like dat game. i don't own dat game. i want dat game. Can i have pls? Happy early birthday btw
  3. Hell ya! This would be super fun!
  4. Let me add you russianbear!
  5. I need this. I really hope I win cause I want to play w/ my friends who started playing(from school). I really hope luck is with me!!!
  6. fukin monkey..
  7. is that a threat?
  8. Age shouldn't determine what you think of him. Think of his maturity and the way he acts around ppl `-`
  9. I really hope I win.. :D
  10. I've always seen people playing rainbow 6, but I've never really been able to buy it. It would be really cool if I could get it. Thx for the chance! :D
  11. Listen 2 dis fag. Add dese maps.
  12. new.. that's some good bullshit.
  13. Already an admin and has shown great responsibility and maturity. I believe he would make a great server moderator. +1
  14. +1