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  1. @August Yes I realize that I have little hours hence why i'm only asking for operator... It's hard to play for hours when you come on around 12(noon).... And you're the only person on and there's no-one to talk to.......However I feel like I've been around long and proven myself that I am capable of being operator; Yes I might not have much hours but I know what i'm doing, and what to do in situations....
  2. Lol right?? Only been like a month :/
  3. In Game Name: LG | Frosty STEAM_ID: STEAM_0:0:63638025 Hours: 12 currently Server: Beginner Serf tier 1-3 Age: 22 Do you have a Mic? yes What can you do for the server? I can help continue to keep the server in a calm/chill state. I can deescalate situations; where people are arguing and or yelling/screaming (happened twice in the past week)....Keep the server in an overall great mood :D Why do you want to be admin? I wouldn't mind getting operator just to be able to mute people when I can't talk them out of causing unnecessary cancer which impacts other players... Especially when no other admins are online or during weird hours of the day.
  4. That moment when some of us played Simon Says during a surf map because why not... shout-out to the people that played.. (and followed the rules) Ps: Skins weren't give out this time around... But possibly next game we get going
  5. +1
  6. So here we have LG's first picture day.. Players in photo going from left to right @BLACKED, @African_Cheese, @R_34, @Big red man, @Mo., @LG | Rocco, @ComfortTaco, @Fat Crack Rock, @spam (middle)
  7. Welcome
  8. Howdy
  9. -1 Dislike has hate towards both new and old players(at least what i've seen), for no reason. Starts fights in chat.. Spams chat.. Never heard him use mic +0.25 tried to turn a new leaf over with you, given the new server. But you don't seem to want that.
  10. Too much moneys
  11. 25? only needs to be 10 here in Canada m8... im pretty sure it's 10
  12. I actually almost bought an 97/98 Subaru Ra Sti for 12k... it's the model after the 22b ;p
  13. When you're surfing late at night and everyone's bored/lazy so you start trying to find pictures on the walls @ComfortTaco, @Knightwolf, @Hergs, @Shredded, and others
  14. Ringland failure?
  15. thanks man!! It was awesome, have some good stories thats for sure :)