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  1. mentor me again toasty pls
  2. when is it waffle time?

    1. zuggie24


      good question! probably when it gets warmer, im still not used to the cold lmao

    2. erik :]

      erik :]

      aka never l M a O

  3. this is worse than the shit i used to pull when i was a wee freshman
  4. J O N E S Y ! whats good man, glad to have you back!
  5. Goodnight Moon: Goodnight Moon is an American children's picture book written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd. It was published on September 3, 1947, and is a highly acclaimed example of a bedtime story. It features a bunny saying "good night" to everything around. This is my personal favorite in Brown and Hurd's "classic series" which included 3 books published simotaneously in his "Over the Moon" collection. This particular read depicts the hidden figures in our lives that make every day more enjoyable, from a simple grin to a passing "hello". This critically acclaimed novel really opened my eyes to the world and allowed me to better understand and appreciate the little things in life, and most importantly, taught me to not take a "goodnight" or "goodmorning" for granted. This book has received a 9.5/10 from IMDb, 87% from Rotten Tomatoes, 99% from Metacritic, and a 5/10 from IGN. pls read the knife of never letting go
  6. getting closer to alternative communities means coming back to old friends.. river, obi, jessica, etc
  7. regarding the admin applications, can we still request TTT admin or do we have to wait until it's officially released?

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    2. JGamby


      @RussianBear @.Doc. okay, thanks for the clarification guys

    3. RussianBear
    4. Gambino


      accepted, please read the rules of being an admin. 


      Have fun!!!

  8. @Watchacheese damn bro, trying to roast me for shit i can't control about myself... but you never answered my question so maybe i can help you find an answer? why don't you get registered?
  9. @Watchacheese @ebic my bad guys, perhaps this is a better example of her eyes for you? she's beautiful, thanks for asking. but watcha, my real question is where is your gf at?
  10. *relevAnt how dare u insult me, and how dare you tell everyone EXACTLY what i said to her
  11. today my gf and i explored through the 4 stages of grief-causing assignments in ib english! stage 1: denial stage 2: bargaining stage 3: depression stage 4: acceptance (she was really proud of this one) after a solid hour of English, she racked up an impressive total of: -22 irrelevant sites visited -14 items put on a wishlist that she wants me to buy -2 wikihow sites visited -2 discussions on players from SK and Cloud9 along with Edward from Na'Vi and his loss of a beard -1 Eleague 2017 Atlanta prediction -43 words added to a document due at 11:59pm today just absolutely I N C R E D I B L E !
  12. i drew pokémon when i was a kid, would you like to see if i could find it?
  13. r/blogenthusiasts kinda why i brought it over here in the first place pumpkin. i'm discussing it here because i have both the right of speech and i don't feel like getting targeted by more retarded reports. if you had any common sense you'd stop being a hypocrite and post this thread in the SG shoutbox, right? interesting.
  14. i'm at a loss for words. i have never been closer to losing my shit over something on the internet in my entire life. i just got stripped on slayersgaming for 7 days because nollyn started crying that every time he sets up a game i just forceend it and reset with me as leader. not only was that initial reason to try and strip me a fucking lie w/o any context or background, but the game he's referring to (that happened yesterday) is something i didn't even do. i had set up a game earlier that day but never forceended it because i was just playing alone on the server to try running my game with new settings and try out a new skin i got on reddit. so keep in mind when we all went back into that server 2ish hours later, it still had me as game leader. as soon as i joined the server, he started crying that i stole his leader permissions and left on his own accord. but i never did anything, all i was doing was just warming up. what i'm pretty sure happened was the setup plugin returned the permissions earlier granted to nollyn because i was the original leader and he was just the first admin to join. ask anyone else on at that time (dewey, apollo, x-ray) and they would say that i didn't do shit either. but wait, it gets better! as soon as our game started and teams were picked, nollyn goes on this huge rant where he makes everyone make sure they know how much he hates me, how i'm absolute shit at igl'ing, and how i should never igl again, and that he "doesn't feel safe to talk" because i'm here. later in the game chondo loses a 3v1 and absolutely loses his shit and tells us that we can't talk when he's playing; but he was literally the one person talking and telling us to shut up when he died, we were all quiet. i tried to tell him that but he starts losing his shit and tells everyone that i'm just autistic and he's the igl so he can talk and just mutes me for 10 min(not 1, not 5), which was about 5-7 rounds of me not being able to make calls. here's his bullshit statement following: "3 on B Site, and of course you're yapping that cocksucker of yours as loud as possible, I shouldn't even have to tell you to shut the fuck up; you should know by now to be quiet when you're dead and if you want to say something, type it out when people are trying to play." following that round, we win and i was hopping around near chondo and i throw a flash near him and he feels the need to teamkill me. there was no enemies around. the last player was hiding on b-site or something far away from us. in my "report" he says this great statement: "You thought it was funny to team-flash me because "no enemies were around" but in fact, if someone peeked long when you team-flashed me I would of got absolutely fucking destroyed, so I team-killed your stupid ass and told you if you do it again I'm going to ban you. Once again, I shouldn't have to warn you for such stupid fucking things. Please, use your god damn brain." correct me if i'm wrong, but if there's someone around that's peeking you, which there isn't and wasn't, why would you intentionally kill your teammate rather than the one with the actual intent to kill you? interesting. followimg this round i told him to stop teamkilling me because i would report him, but it doesn't matter because he'll just reply to his own report and make something up (cough, cough, "guy peeked long") and nullify anything i had to say. i told him to try teamkilling me one more time and see where it gets him, to which nollyn, of all people, decided to kill me. both me and gambino were trying to explain to him that we were never even talking to nollyn since he didn't want to talk to me, but he thought i was talking to him when i didn't even mention his name, and totally disregarding the round prior. finally, the thing that makes me the most upset, is the fact that the only reason i got stripped is because x-ray, of all people, x-ray starts commenting saying i always forceend his match. let me make 2 points: 1. the ONE game he's referring to is one where we had 5 different randoms and he set the game to map vote and not captain veto. since he did that, the map got changed to italy, since all of the randoms were voting for it. literally 3-4 people left and we had to forceend it because no one there wanted to play on a map as old as that game itself. not only was everyone complaining (including x-ray) but literally all the regulars left. we had to get new players to join. 2. this was ALMOST A YEAR AGO HELLO? why is XRAY, who should have made a report literally MONTHS AGO decides to put his 2 fucking cents in now so everyone can gangbang my admin into oblivion. x-ray: "Idk if it helps but he does it when im on too. If he doesnt get his way he forces it his way." the the greatest thing of all is that a biased root who was there gets to sway the situation in his favor because he dislikes me. chondo was the one to strip me. tl;dr: i got stripped for one incident that happened almost a year ago and not the actual reason the person who reported me was crying. i literally didn't do anything wrong. this is what i get when an individual stands up to 3 different people (including a root) who already hates me. i don't even care what happens to my admin at this point, this whole situation just proves that at slayers, you can always get banned for not liking a root. slayers is becoming what it used to be: a root playground. Edit: guess what nollyn had to say.