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  1. Mah boi chinky long time man!!!
  2. I don't have it but my bro does xD Ima steal his account for an hour
  3. Ello
  4. hola mi hermana
  5. who told u to type
  6. the more i know +1
  7. .

    Will you be my Pepsi to my milk
  8. +1 cool guy, can see him as a good admin
  9. +1 would be one of the chill admins, not very chill during 10 man tho xD
  10. Hiya! I Iove to surf too
  11. ooo can i help you with player positions cuz im good at that kinda ish not really but a little :D
  12. Awesome! Now we just need a video tutorial on how to properly use a keyboard and mouse
  13. so i tried google translating this and... Early! Hello! It 's nice to meet you, my name is. My family two people. My family has dad, and me. My mom is not comfortable. I have big fat meat. You have little cute meat! Haha! My hobby is playing the game, are you? Dewey like big meat :)
  14. So you speak English?