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  1. Hiya! I Iove to surf too
  2. ooo can i help you with player positions cuz im good at that kinda ish not really but a little :D
  3. Awesome! Now we just need a video tutorial on how to properly use a keyboard and mouse
  4. so i tried google translating this and... Early! Hello! It 's nice to meet you, my name is. My family two people. My family has dad, and me. My mom is not comfortable. I have big fat meat. You have little cute meat! Haha! My hobby is playing the game, are you? Dewey like big meat :)
  5. So you speak English?
  6. Let's get to know each other more! I'd like to know what language(s) you speak, it doesn't have to be just your fluent language! If you know some Spanish then add that to your list :) I speak English:3, Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, and Spanish :) I've learned some few words in Vietnamese from my good friend Swun :D Xin Chao!
  7. *secretly doing this for research paper*
  8. Toasty! It's nice to see you again man!
  9. You always made me crave for hot cheetos every time I looked at your name >. > welcome tho!
  10. My body doesn't deserve these two.
  11. OK so scarlet will be replaced with Nack, a friend of mine outside the community. Also if bill doesn't show up, he'll get replaced with @G3No @Shiro is that fine?
  12. @ScarletTarget it's fine. If you can't make it at 6pst then we have a person to fill you in. But I just want to confirm if Jake and Bill will be playing. Maybe you can message them for me.
  13. I have a friend that can sub in for you. He is outside the community @Jake @Bill Nye the Nazi Spy ALT are you guys still up for this?
  14. What happened to 'Aye b0ss!' ? i think you should just stick with it xD
  15. for some reason the background reminds me of the map desperados