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  1. I'll win
  2. Cuz I want it edit: woops didnt see it ended
  3. +1 sage is a cool guy. I have played games with this guy for several years now, and I think he would enforce the rules in a fair, no-nonsense way.
  4. It has come to my attention that there is currently a bullying problem in this community, and it needs to stop. Currently the servers are unplayable, the discord looks like a middle school locker room, and less and less people are having fun. There are many kind, wonderful, and intelligent people in this community, who are relentlessly picked on and trashed talked. I'm not going to name any names, you know who you are. I honestly find it embarrassing how this sort of behavior is allowed and tolerated. It gives LG a bad name, and deters any new players from joining the community. As for those of you who might not partake in the bullying, but just sit idly by and do nothing as it happens, you are just as bad as the bullies. You give the bullies a platform on to which they can target and abuse people. You may think that if you say nothing and let it happen, the bullies won't target you, but let me be clear IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but somewhere down the line, you will become the target, and on that day you would have wished you did something about it sooner. I'm going to call out the worst bullies right now and let them try and defend themselves: @Hergs @Sageisme @Blackout Is it so hard to ask for a nice comfy place to hang out with your friends and meet new people, while playing video games? The answer is no. If you agree that there is indeed a problem, please reply to this thread. Also if you or find someone else being bullied, just say this phrase until they stop, "Bully, bully stop right now! Bully, bully you are a cow! You won't hurt me any more! Bully, bully here's the door!"
  5. kill em I don't give a shit. Also ENUFF with this lethal injection bullshit, prisons have perfectly working ropes and trees.
  6. Hey buddy! Also don't listen to the TOXIC and HATEFUL word from @Mopi & @Hergs, they're just queers taking their pent up anger (that is a result of their repressed homosexuality) out on you. Don't let it keep you down you lovable meatball.
  7. Okay, everyone lets be honest here, if you use turn binds you are bad a surf. No ifs ands or buts will ever change that. You have to rely on the code in the game to make movements for you in order to get an advantage (a better time on a map), it is the equivalent of aimboting/walling/etc. in competitive. You are in essence cheating, and cheaters are bad at the games they play, because why else would they cheat? Don't say to me that, "[insert_random_prosurfer] uses turn binds and has multiple records on ksf, is he shit? hurr durr," the answer is yes and will always be yes. Just because some really "good" surfer uses turn binds, doesn't meant you should to. It is still cheating. Also don't give me bullshit excuses like, "Well ackshually on certain maps you need a turn bind because it is almost impossible to do otherwise," or, "the mapper made this part intentionally to be used for turn binds," I've heard both of these before and I'm not buying it. Time and time again I am spectating someone doing some sick shit in the surf server or where ever, and then all of a sudden, BAM, a turn bind. I am instantly turned off from what they are currently doing and shake my head. I mean instead of relying on a console command to get better, how about you actually get good at surfing? I may only be a trainee on the server but I know for a fact I'm better than most of you niggers
  8. Muse is fuckin sick , here are some sweet tunes Muscle Museum (Personal Favorite) Stockholm Syndrome Time is Running Out Bliss Knights of Cyndonia Plug In Baby Undisclosed Desires Dead Inside (me irl) Hysteria
  9. comin in with some weeb shit
  10. follow for follow