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  1. Holy nigger no fucking way
  2. Nice to see more rpg guys around here cough lets get an rpg server cough
  3. clean your fucking desktops for fuck sakes
  4. I feel like all this would do is create an environment in which people will just come onto the server to kill ct's and we'll be stuck in the same situation of "nazi ct's" that we had in slayers. And don't say "The ct's should be better" or something because back in 2014 nobody really rebelled because they were either A. not good enough or B. it killed the mood of the server and made it less fun for everyone.
  5. Martin Shkreli is a fucking madman. First he raises the aids drug price by 5000% (from 13.50$ a tablet to 750$ per tablet). Now he's trolling feminists on his twitter like the fucking boss he is http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2017/01/08/pharma-legend-martin-shkreli-suspended-twitter/ https://twitter.com/laurenduca/status/818124094587752452/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw http://nymag.com/thecut/2017/01/martin-shkreli-is-harassing-a-female-writer-on-twitter.html He even bought the URL marrymelauren.com (down now) and changed what his bio said to "also I have a small crush on laurenduca I hope she doesnt find out" This guy is fucking hilarious
  6. I'm a secret owner on Slayers. PM me on here so pres doesnt see it and I can make you a Junior root on there for like 1000 USD but shhh dont tell anyone over there
  7. I don't see it at all
  8. You all know me, I'm still gonna be anti-niggering around here and the "other" place. It's gotten pretty boring without any of you weebs over there. You should give me legend too cause ive been around forever niggers
  9. Fucking got you
  10. Bf1 is shit. Since when can you shoot someone in the fucking chest with a bolt action rifle 15 feet away and live? Until they fix the HP and gun damage in that game it's gonna be one of the worst battlefields imo
  11. Anybody up for this? I know a lot of you are more TTT based but I think that with this community there is a real chance we can set up a JB server that doesn't have little children screaming freekill every few seconds and that we can set up some new, fresh rules to make it more fun and make wardens be more creative as to what they have to do every round. The only real reason I never played on SG JB anymore was because of the lack of creativity and of course all of the children replaying games people made up on the server 2 years before
  12. it shows up at round end, you're not even an admin you don't need that shit anyways
  13. oh shit i remember you
  14. +1000000000000 Can we actually balance it out this time so everyone isn't hopping around with full health and vamp just destroying everyone?