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  1. scarlet is the don
  2. post ur best world of tanks replay @Lupus
  3. i quit surfing in source and repented my sins, my life has been great since!
  4. uniball +1
  5. does nobody know that you can put all the music you want in steam and have it play on anything at any time? the music section isn't just for game soundtracks
  6. im never going to read this, so dont bother replying in hopes that you can attempt to get 1 last potshot on me about either my mic or some stupid shit. I joined slayersgaming back in june/july of 2015. I thought it was an ok gaming community until i went to the forums. Everything was ok, made a few friends, the occasional butthurt player who cant hear someones mic well enough so they go on a shit-rant, and a couple enemies who are just douchebags. I Dont know why i satyed so long in this community, and here is why i should have left a lot sooner: slayersgaming is toxic as fuck. The people, the admins, hell even the owner. You make one mistake and youre screwed over forever for it. 1 person gets butthurt and youre targeted for forever. I cant do a single thing is this damned community because of a mistake i made over 7 months ago. It was an honest fucking mistake, but nobody lets it fucking go because everyone is too butthurt and fucking cringy to laugh about anything else. everyone in this community, except a choice few, are too boring in their day to day lives that they still have to laugh at something over 3 montsh ago. EXAMPLE 1: my shitty mic. got a new one over 2 months ago, people still laugh about my shitty mic. EXAMPLE 2: me talking to laurence about my fucking admin app. I was mistaken by the fucktard known as itzdelta. I apologized, and everytthing was alright. What wasnt alright was the fact that Laurence boasted to everyone about being to coolest guy around because he was able get me to apologize. In reality, Laurence just threatened to ban me permanently if i didnt apologize, and at that time i actually had an ok opinion of the community. But guess which side didnt get out? the truth. Why? because laurence is a pussy butthurt bitch who thinks mistakes are something that never happens. either way, this community is filled with fucktards, idiots, dumbasses who abuse power, and much more. My biggest problem? letting someone (Laurence) go from SSA to fucking root/manager within a month. HE ABUSES ALL THE FUCKING TIME. This community is so fucking toxic it isnt funny. I do something and even if its the right thing i end up getting called out for it. Bye bitches, dont bother replying, youre just wasting your own time. Go ahead and put this is the Hall of trash or as it should be called, the hall of glitch, or the hall of darkness, or even the hall of dope senpai. either way, i dont give a flying fuck where you put it. I already know a root is going to be so fucking butthurt that i called them out on their issues that im assuming this is deleted in about 20 minutes, but based on how retarded they are, it will most likely be an hour. so i am screenshotting this and sending it to anyone who actually cares about making this place better, rather than whining about how i called someone out. Bye bitches, and may you forever die in hell, where you deserve to be.
  7. https://www.amazon.com/Sony-MDREX15LP-Fashion-Color-Earbuds/dp/B00IJXCBG6/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1484453174&sr=8-15&keywords=sony+earbuds these are all you need
  8. server

    random tele?
  9. never a wiser man
  10. can u make my beef contrast better and add a personal flair if u want