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  1. He just hands it to whoever asks for it. Here we are being major contributors to this community's success and we get lumped in with Balls. All he's done is shoot a couple of unarmed black men who were just trying to feed their 15 kids.
  2. I'm leaving this community since you guys don't have your jailbreak up yet. Alright i'm back.
  3. About time erik contributed something to anything
  4. Welcome babe
  5. It is more costly to put an inmate to death rather than keep them in prison for life. To me, they won't be interacting with society for the rest of their lives whether they are dead or not so it might as well be the option that costs less. I'm not against the death penalty if there is 100% undeniable proof and it's a fairly heinous crime. I'm perfectly fine ending some muslim's life that is on camera shooting up a business or public place and is caught immediately afterwards. As Scarlet said, although a very small percentage, there are mistakes and innocent people are put to death. That's unacceptable. You shouldn't be able to put some dude to death because you found his hair at the scene of a murder and you have no other leads. This should also raise a question that never really gets discussed. Why the fuck is it so much more expensive to put a mother fucker to death than to keep him alive and feed him for the rest of his life. Holy shit, if he murdered someone, tie him up, lock him in a room, and let the family of the victim handle business themselves. Don't need an overspending government that doesn't know how to properly put someone down for less than a million bucks making that call.
  6. Bears will pick a nobody and try to turn that turd into gold i.e. Jay Cutler.
  7. You wanna fucking fight, m8?
  8. Weed. Alcohol made me so some fucked up shit when I was drunk. Anyone who played JB on Slayers when I was wasted can vouch for that lol. Weed just makes me feel more relaxed and I don't feel like shit after the high is over. Maybe a little hungry.
  9. I'll buy 4 copies to whoever doesn't have the game and wants to play. Must be your main account and you must not already have it.
  10. The fuck are you going on about?
  11. Yes

    Root admin approved. Welcome aboard, fellow cancer patient.
  12. I love this asshole. +1