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  1. Commands Available !challenge !rank !gameme !guns !ws !gloves !knife
  2. Follow format. Discord Name: Why: Age:
  3. Server is back online. Post in here when there's issues and explain issues as well.
  4. Hi

    Who are you?
  5. hi

    I'm going to nut in you nat.
  6. Hello, I'm looking for a team to represent LG in League in both ranked flex and and inter-community events. Post with your IGN and rank of all seasons.
  7. Depending if it's community 1 team based, we'd have a competition to see who would get to be placed on the team.
  8. Also add what kind of tourney you want. ex. 1v1 2v2 3v3 5v5 Specific champ?
  9. Who wants to do a tourney, y'all naggin. Post your in-game name if you want to join. Also make a team on league so you people have a group in game. Also add what kind of tourney you want.
  10. Also added a punishment log into discord, any who break the rules of discord will have all roles removed for the duration of their punishments. There will be a discord appeal thread soon on forums if you'd like to have it shortened or lifted.
  11. Bumped. In regards to Doxxing, this is something that we clearly have not enforced, and we will be doing so immediately. If you're found doxing anyone, that the recipient does not want out to the general public, you will be permanently banned. This includes all the platforms we have, forums, discord, servers and whatever else. Please take this seriously as this apparently is becoming more acceptable and it's going to stop now. Bans and examples will be given, so please control yourselves.
  12. hullo
  13. Hello everyone, We're going to make a pretty significant change to surf, as we're changing our server plugin to a private one. The head admins and some of the operators have already tried out the new platform and agree that this is superior to CKsurf in many ways. While we push out this change we want to make sure the regulars have the most enjoyable surf experience and need you to vote in order for it to work, things that cause frame delay, wanted features etc. Remember everything that's wanted to be added to the servers add resources to the server and may cause potential frame droppage and unexpected reboots. The point of this server is to cater to both the avid surfers of our community and new players that hop on just to talk with each other, giving them a new overall feel compared to CK. The server will start out as a 64 person server, and it'll be dependent on player population as to how long we keep it there. The server will run the same as CKsurf in terms of difficulty at first and we'll slowly begin to add higher Tiers depending on the player base that comes onto the server. Thank you everyone who has waited so long for the Surf timer and continue to the support the server, even though we know it's population has declined over the past few weeks. I've found out that last night when I logged on, we still have people waiting to see that server gain traction again and just had a lot of you come on to play again, which was quite a relief from our POV. This being said, there are a few main points I want to know about performance and overall feel of the server when it's launched, and at that point I will update this post with votes with what we want to have done to it to make sure it values performance over vanity.
  14. WEBABABO!!

  15. dont die