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  1. bonjour mon ami
  2. Bonjour mon ami
  3. Sup

    Bonjour mon ami
  4. Bonjour mon ami
  5. Bonjour mon ami
  6. I'm down.
  7. Bonjour mon ami
  8. Bonjour mon ami
  9. Bonjour mon ami
  10. I am losing my will to live.
  11. Bonjour mon ami
  12. I am a poor student, which is why i participate in this giveaway. I watch @Jugs streams of Siege and even though he's trash it looks like a fun game.
  13. Hai
  14. Some diffrent names atm. Blue - it was the dog with the blue necklace. Obi Chine - spelled diffrently bout sounds like shine Wild - the mother was called Wilda Shevy Tazz - other spelling for Tass which means Paw in Swedish Skye - sky Atlas
  15. The dog was named Texas already and our family could never get along on a new name so we're sticking with Texas. (If anyone gives a fuck)