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  1. Shameless bump to keep the thread somewhat alive. Is like EDM, but with amazing vocals, and a really REALLY catchy guitar riff.
  2. Den get a 22B boiiii
  3. But it will never be a 22B. Because they are not 25 years old yet *Snaps fingers* Eyyyyyyyyyyy
  4. I like to say 22B because it is a motor that you will never get Muhahahahahaha
  5. Low key, straight fucking fire.
  6. I cain't understand you! Go back to your country! White power.

  7. @pichajay I haven't touched the game in about... 4-5 weeks. Like I said. I am more so just done with it. Sorry man :/
  8. @Watchacheese Just post your recommendations through out the time that this thread stays up. Whether that's to keep it alive, or it thrives, and you just want to share more music. Just try to not flood the comment section at once. :D And nice song choices! I can really dig them all!
  9. Good to see you my man!
  10. This album will always give me the chills. The singer just has such a good voice and the vibe it gives it just so right...
  11. POST SONGS THAT YOU FEEL NEED TO BE HEARD! There are rules though. 1. No meme songs (that includes ear-rape and bass boosted.) This is for songs of any genre that is actually music. 2. You are allowed to post an entire album if you wish. Mixes/ sets are also okay. 3. Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify, and other official music site links are permitted. 4. Has to be a song that has not been played on the radio. Or at the least rarely heard on the radio. 5. Respect your fellow mans music choice. If they like it and they feel like that it needs to be heard, then let them be. 6. If the album cover is gory because the artist made it that way, it is allowed. 7. Just have fun, and don't be rude. Love your fellow man even if you don't like them.
  12. So as most of you have hopefully realized by now, I am basically done with Counter Strike. Or as I like to call it, Cancer Struck: My Gapping Orifice, because that is what it have practically turned into for me. Every time that I try to get myself back into that game, it feels like the same linear thing being repeated over, and over, and over, and over again. No matter the game type. I just can't take it anymore. If anyone ever decides to get Rainbow 6:Seige, feel free to hit me up! I am always down to help out new people, or if you just need another person to fill a queue. To me that game just offers so much more and is more entertaining. I will still hop onto surf every one in a blue moon, and try to partake in small events like server karaoke, and ect. Just not pub stomps, or any kind of competitive thing. I will also try my hardest to still keep up to date on the forums, start topics that haven't been brought up, and just dink around. Hope everyone has a wonderful time with their life and their choices. Best of luck to all!
  13. @Xray Welcome to a state that has no winter at all. It is nothing but heat. Great for cars. Great for snowbirds. Education is great. But a massive oven of a state. @Mo. 1987 BMW 325E E30. Go checkout Servers Cars for info on it and pics of it. :D
  14. One word to piss off all Subi guys.... 22B
  15. @Asteral Sheit man. How am I supposed to keep up with that? Like the fuck man?? @Shredded Nice dude. You should get a Subaru. You will be the ultimate Suabro.