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  1. +1 i remember when this boi scammed someone then gave the item back and got demoted literally +1 not a meme
  2. A run I got like a week ago.

  3. tbh name it doge, i agree with august here
  4. surf atlantis is a possible low tier 4, at least thats what it says on its download post, but depressing is a tier 3 that's just long, nothing on it is really hard at all, trails do make the later stages pretty cancer though and the time played trail cannot be disabled via vip so it causes some problems.
  5. -1 best map na, if we lose atlantis then we get surf_ghost_busters
  6. In Game Name: LG | Blackout STEAM_ID: STEAM_0:1:79609878 Hours: 25 this month around 115 last two months Server: Beginner Surf Age: 16 Do you have a Mic? Yes What can you do for the server? I have been an admin before, so i carry experience, i know how to control a crowd and i know when to give people punishments, i also know all the things i need to know in cases of people avoiding mutes, whether it be people with constantly changing names or people who use others names to try and avoid it. Why do you want to be admin? I want to be admin because i would like to be able to help the server more and I am starting to play more and I am getting back into surfing with people. I have also noticed that when there are people on who are deliberately trying to be a disruption, some admins seem to let people go too far instead of punishing them before it makes people annoying and want to leave. I want to get more involved and help surf grow more, but just putting in constant hours is ultimately pointless if it accomplishes nothing. What time are you available for an interview in Discord? On school weeks after 3:00 PM CST, which is any week other than this one, on weekends i can do it anytime.
  7. i can try to help you but i don't know any japanese :^)
  8. I still doubt them beating the patriots a third time in the super bowl if they meet again. They have a nice wideout core but thats not where they were lacking before
  9. Brandin Cooks- Patriots for their 1st and 3rd round picks, but receive a 4th round along with Cooks Terrelle Pryor- Redskins Martellus Bennett- Packers Logan Ryan- Titans Julius Thomas- Dolphins, Dolphins traded away 7th round pick
  10. I think they cut him already, i could be wrong though
  11. Brandon Marshall - Giants Alshon Jefferey - Eagles Desean Jackson - Buccaneers
  12. +1 sends me dik pics on snapchat