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  1. Vietnamese. I but i speak fluent English cause i'm smart boy.
  2. +1 has really good guitar skills
  3. accepted, you are now the owner of Lethal Gaming.
  4. these are all disney songs but they're so catchy, i still hum these tunes till this day. (Except the beyond the sea one, that one is from Frank Sinatra but covered by someone else)
  5. +1 one of my favorite guys to play in TTT back in the days, dope dude
  6. wow very cute my boy :0
  7. shit..
  8. yo hello :)
  9. Can i get on of Gambino????
  10. just from looking at this, i've already lost.
  11. damn you guys convinced me to watch Hacksaw Ridge, gonna check it out later, was skeptical about it too but now i gotta see it