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  1. rigged, i knew you would rig it you dirty slut
  2. gimme it sexy
  3. can you put the time at 10 pm est for my bud rai, he has to go some where when the tourny gonna start
  4. pls add me to giveaway i came 2 l8
  5. oi long time no see
  6. Uplay name: Gambino3k Rank: S2 Best operators: Capitao, Thermite, Ash, Thatcher How many operators do you own: most but not all dlcs Do you want to be a team captain?: no
  7. looks cool tbh, might buy it again too
  8. bro why the hell is faze rain in here
  9. Vietnamese. I but i speak fluent English cause i'm smart boy.
  10. +1 has really good guitar skills
  11. accepted, you are now the owner of Lethal Gaming.