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  1. Actually playing video games strengthens your wrist and thumbs
  2. It was this morning as well. Monkey was on when it was happening
  3. I understand you may have been admin and august might have helped you manage 2 other servers but those servers were not lg. Take some time to get to know people hang around in discord and try again in a few weeks or more.
  4. -1 1. (Correct me if wrong) The servers came out today so a long time??? and 2. It seems as if you still have some adjustment for following some rules.
  5. So I was surfing on LG last night or the day before that and we were in a complicated map so we decide to vote for Surf beginner and when we switched maps, the map beginner was SUPER LAGGY. It wasnt just me it was the server or map. Text chat and voice chat worked perfectly fine but we kept on getting teleported every .5 seconds. It ended up going away over time but it made people leave. Hopefully theres a fix.
  6. Prob best case theyve released.
  7. I think the prisoner themself should be allowed to request the Death sentence
  8. Only good band out there rn
  9. True
  10. hi
  11. They are both bad for you and im mormon so neither
  12. +1 does he even need an interview?
  13. hey i just moved to az