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  1. I would like it even though I would only run it with 5 fps :D
  2. I want a p250 sand dune
  3. Shoutout to warden, He does so many giveaways for this community its beyond my mind. Keep it up warden I love your events. Good luck to the next winners!
  4. All these people only here for the game D:< People who wished him happy birthdays are the real mvps
  5. Forgot to say but Happy birthday Warden. you have a good one now alright?
  6. Looks interesting... But not as interesting as you ;)
  7. Add the pistol menu back. I love to use the deagle and I dont think a lot of people like using a glock
  8. Personally every time ive been on and there has been a map change, the server crashes. It says Connection to the server timed out but I look on the server list and its not there and the people there before cant get it either. I think its only gone for like a minute off the list.
  9. +1 not much to be said. he was on and was being respectful to the other players.
  10. Thank you so much for that Zeezo. I needed that
  11. Nah they are just gonna end up having some 19th century jetpack that replaces the exosuit. Stupid cod developers
  12. where have you been all my life
  13. That seems like a lot of fun. But i only own on xbox ;-;