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  1. Add the pistol menu back. I love to use the deagle and I dont think a lot of people like using a glock
  2. Personally every time ive been on and there has been a map change, the server crashes. It says Connection to the server timed out but I look on the server list and its not there and the people there before cant get it either. I think its only gone for like a minute off the list.
  3. +1 not much to be said. he was on and was being respectful to the other players.
  4. Thank you so much for that Zeezo. I needed that
  5. Nah they are just gonna end up having some 19th century jetpack that replaces the exosuit. Stupid cod developers
  6. where have you been all my life
  7. That seems like a lot of fun. But i only own on xbox ;-;
  8. You just want people to think you're giving something from the bottom of your heart. Youre an evil man
  9. I think I should win because im poor and need new games. I want to play something other than csgo but I want the game genre to be similar. Im a very competitive player and would love to play this game
  10. +1
  11. +1
  12. WTT

    Looking to trade my Ak wasteland rebel ft with good sticker placement and am looking for any and all playskins EXCEPT Mil-spec grade weapons. Depends on retricted. thats the link to my profile if you need to inspect the ak. Must match market price or more nothing less.
  13. +1
  14. EXPOSED but -1 proto you get triggered easily. I dont have anything against you, i like you, but you just need a little more maturity. Trust me I was where you were