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  3. change your picture plz i always think you are gambino
  4. 7
  5. Won't buy you a copy ever if u do that
  6. Winners were drawn Congrats @RussianBear @Jared Togle Add me on steam and I will send you your copies later tonight or tomorrow
  7. We play different games in discord come there
  8. Hello everyone, I sold my H1Z1 crates and have extra cash. I already have an extra copy of PUBG and I am going to be buying one more with my steam money. If you want a copy of the game, the rules are simple: 1. Be a member of LG 2. Post a comment or drop a like on this 3. Cannot currently own the game I will be drawing the winners this Sunday night with entries closing at 5 PM PST of the same day. Current Entries Zrimac Rocco Durandal Balls Dash Kenguini Rage Jared erik Pichajay Russian Asteral KillSwitch Gambino Monkey Hergs ScoobyBooby Pinchedcow Josh Xray Crocker Gamby Mo Kyle NetBk
  9. U no ask me Jakie did xd
  10. It was, I have a strict NAT type so I could not connect to player hosted servers. So that will be perfect!
  11. I might be available for the tourney if someone needs me, just need to see if I can fix my nat type
  12. Thanks my dude!
  13. Hiya
  14. Hey, i am always looking for people to play PUBG with. Welcome
  15. Stop making sense zeezo it triggers me