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  1. Ello once again Martin
  2. Might want to disable radio. It shows which t's throw nades and what not
  3. Nice to see you again!
  4. Paypal is super ez to set up just an fyi, if you have a credit card :)
  5. I thought it was 16-3 dont sell us short bro ;)
  6. @erik :] @Shiro @Pringle(ツ) We have set our match for 4 PST tomorrow!
  7. He was just pointing out some real issues though
  8. 10-10 Tournament! It was a close game! But we lost to Ebic's team in a 16-15 game
  9. I used to be able to speak a little French, but no more...
  10. It is because of our judicial system and the amount of appeals and lawsuits associated with capital punishment cases. The actual process and execution costs very little. The article explains these ideas in greater detail.
  11. I disagree with the death penalty for several reasons. 1. Historically, in the US, the death penalty bares more of a financial cost for government and for the taxpayers. 2. While it is a small number statistically, I dont think we should trust the government with ending the lives of crimimals through trials that can and have had errors that have convicted innocent people to death. 3. With these concepts, I also think that a life sentence is more of a penalty for a crime. A death penalty gives a criminal the release they desire. If you have more life sentencing for major crimes, then it also leaves them time to ponder their mistakes and reflect on the problems.
  12. 49ers are my team, but no pickup or draft picks will save my shitty team
  13. Hello Flaming! Good to see you again!
  14. I used to smoke cigars, but that shit will kill you bro.