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  1. U no ask me Jakie did xd
  2. It was, I have a strict NAT type so I could not connect to player hosted servers. So that will be perfect!
  3. I might be available for the tourney if someone needs me, just need to see if I can fix my nat type
  4. Thanks my dude!
  5. Hiya
  6. Hey, i am always looking for people to play PUBG with. Welcome
  7. Stop making sense zeezo it triggers me
  8. Full reveal is next week, but I was hoping they would go this route. Might actually buy Call of Duty again.
  9. Sup

    You not know how to change your password? Lmao
  10. Hey chinks! Welcome
  11. I heard you died
  12. Well shit haha, gonna have to think about that
  13. Is anyone here close to being pro? Lmao
  14. Making this post to see if we have people interested in a Rocket League tournament. If we have enough people interested, I would try and put together one post-finals. Be fairly easy and we could finish it in one night if we wanted. I would also consider giving copies of Chivalry, Siege, or PUBG out as prizes. So if you are interested, just comment or something. Idk how to do a poll on mobile lol.