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  1. Change your picture faggo
  2. I would suggest you actually wait for the server to be up and play on it/get a feel for the server BEFORE you apply. Not a good idea to apply when we are still fixing things and you haven't been on the server once.
  3. Welcome dude
  4. Alice to Zouroku, SAGRADA RESET, BLAME! Movie and The Irregular at Magic Highschool movie all look good
  5. English and french, but I hate french.
  6. I think this is the worst idea you could have possibly come up with
  7. Come play on JB when we get it setup!!
  8. Welcome to the cool place
  9. dirthead
  10. Whats going on
  11. hi.

    u suck tbh
  12. mc

    I was messing around with some people in spawn, and I tped monkey to a high place. He decides to tpa Jared and TehFawkz. Jared goes afk, while i keep messing around with monkey, TehFawkz decides to push Jared off the edge. No one was able to get to Jareds items before he died. Before I did anything about this, I asked both monkey and TehFawks who did it (I wasn't there when it happend) TehFawks being the retard he is tries to blame it all on money. Too bad for him that monkey had shadowplay and showed me that TehFawks was the one who pushed him off. Banning someone for that is reasonable. Banning someone for PLAYING THE GAME AS IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYED is not reasonable. Don't try to create drama on the forums because you are a dumbass who made his base directly beside the fucking spawn and get raided as a result. go cry somewhere else.
  13. Idk if this is supposed to be taken seriously or not...
  14. server

    Server is back up!
  15. server

    Nigcraft is a 1.10.2 factions server, it has mcmmo, jobs, auctionhouse and a lot more. If you have suggestions for the server either pm me or post the suggestions in this thread. I launched the server just after this post so most of us can start at the same time. Come play at this ip : Server is now back online with a better host so no more lag :)