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  1. -1 seems a little too young. He is nice and chill I just think 14 is too young sorry.
  2. +1 I dont think much more needs to be said.
  3. In Game Name: Sageisme STEAM_ID: STEAM_0:1:48802676 Hours: 6+ on 1v1 and 40 somethin on surf Server: 1v1 Age: 20 Do you have a Mic? Yes What can you do for the server? I would be able to admin during weird hours when not many people are on. I also bring the morale! Why do you want to be admin? Since I have been on LG awhile I know that a admin cant be on at all times I have experienced the annoyance when someone hacks on 1v1 or Mic spams and you cant hear footsteps I would want to able to take care of those people so everyone can have a good experience. What time are you available for an interview with me in Discord: Any time and any day that ends in Y
  4. Remove Atlantis and Depressing
  5. I agree 100% with this so I will call out the people who I see bullying others the most. SUPER BULLYS 1. @lulzxdd He is the worst of all! All he does is fat shame me and tell me to stop surfing because my fat fingers will never let me hit A+D properly. 2. @Hergs 2nd Worst all this guy does is make fun of Zilla and I and tbh its really toxic and needs to be delt with. 3. @Mopi Do I even need to explain why? Ban please. TOXIC BULLYS 1. @Shiro His constant DDOS threats have me scared to even use the internet! 2. @Durandal I've seen this man sentence other people to mass days of bullying truly a really mean meme.
  6. Hi guys my name is Sageisme or you can just call me Sage. I've been gaming since I havent been able to see my dick when I look down. I play a lot of games but mostly stick to League and CS, I never was good at surf and am still shit XD but through the power of friendship @Shiro @Hergs and @Zilla have been teaching me step by step I hope you all grow to love me and accept me for who I am! Also I love talking sports and anime so if you're intersted in sports/Weeb shit just let me know XD! @August