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  1. I can't wait until there is a planet with the core made entirely of Sonic grilled cheese. 

  2. Welcome! ^^
  3. +1 Mature person, especially for his age. Genuinely a nice person to be around.
  4. So professional. :p
  5. 私は日本語が少しを話せます。日本語授業をいます。でも、難しいです。しようはしています。 助けて。;-;
  6. I enjoy looking at pretzels. What a tasty snack! :D

  7. I see it
  8. Never gets old <3
  9. No u. HAH!!!!
  10. +1 Is a mature, fun person to be around. Is experienced and I personally feel he would do well.
  11. A 1998 (I think) Chrysler Cirrus. With a window that doesn't roll up, AC doesn't work and dies at half a tank of gas. But I love its imperfections. <3
  12. God tier art stuffs. Wish I had money laying around.
  13. Sometimes, I look at my desk and wonder how good it would taste if I baked it. For some reason or another I have a metal Slinky on my desk. I wonder if its possible to make a scrumptious, moist cake made out of the stuff on my desk. 

    Instead of using aluminum foil; I would use a nice mixture of plastic bags, soap, and some rope. How delightful.