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  1. I'm giving away one copy of Tower Unite to celebrate my 25th birthday next Sunday. And yes, this one is for LG forum members, not SG (I'm doing other things for them.) Entries close on May 5th, 2017 at 6:00PM PDT. No challenge required, just post here to enter.
  2. Oh boy, another Call of Duty. Isn't it getting really repetitive how many they have to release every year? I stopped buying in after MW3 because the multiplayer is pretty much the same thing always. lol except the fact later installments feature unboxings, which makes this even more of a way to not play CoD WW2 sounds interesting, but I don't understand why they have to slap on microtransactions again and again, get what I'm saying?
  3. It's hard to tell what happened... things have changed a lot. Good day.
  4. i guess you are so right about that
  5. I plan on rewriting this shit in May 2017. Stay tuned for a LG exclusive though also in May. *sadly*
  6. Honestly, my point of view about death penalty raises the following points: The cost of the drugs are going up. See this article: A botched execution in Oklahoma raises concerns, especially when they use an untested method of drugs. See: Some states that do mass executions such as Texas spend lots of taxpayer money. (Texas spent $50,000 USD on the drugs alone just to stockpile before the cost went up) Meanwhile though, in California: In favor of how damn long the appeals process takes before someone dies in California, they spend too much money. Also, in the 2016 election (the Trump election), California introduced two different Propositions, one of which would continue the Death Penalty and one that would repeal it. Proposition 62 was the one to repeal it, it was voted in majority of "No" with 52%. This means California voters still support the active death penalty, since Proposition 66 would only work if Proposition 62 passed. My stance: I partially support Death Penalty, even though I voted "No" on Proposition 62.
  7. Good to see you again, mate
  8. do you feel it seems safer? i hope so... don't burn out those toxic barrels
  9. lol, this is incredible
  10. I remember this guy. Hecka good guy from the past. Good thing he's found a nice place to hang out.
  11. You do KZ and you'll definitely see me there just as much as you wish. :)
  12. I'm going to draw this after dinner. All entries are final. Will post image down below this post WINNER: @Kenguini ^w^ #FreeSweg
  13. Not enough to consider that one... lol
  14. Me likey.
  15. This is the M4A1-S Hyper Beast Taken on de_inferno