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  1. Thats a fair point (and i have been on the server some, just not the night it was up for the first "test"), I have over 200 hours in Jailbreak servers and I care about the community before the games themselves, and with this experience, I also intend to help shape the server, provide any suggestions, and help in any way I can. However, you are completely correct, I should have waited, but I am excited for the new server and i may have jumped the gun a bit. My apologies :) @Mopi Thanks for the input.
  2. +.99 would make a great admin if he can manage to be a little less confrontational. Just a little. ;) P.S. he can gain his last +.01 when he buys CS:S :D
  3. ya know, i could add you, but you gotta beat my omnibus time first ;)
  4. In Game Name: LG | IllusionJM STEAM_ID: STEAM_0:1:149523487 Reason for applying: I am applying for server moderator for very similar reasons to my surf operator app. Except I feel that this position is a much more crucial role. In surf servers, I wanted to help create and grow a large friendly community; however, I also applied to be able to deal with any problems that occured (micspammers, earrape, etc.). On Jail Break though, not only are these cases of micspam and general cancer more extreme and often, there are rules that must be known and followed by players at all times. This results in a much more dire need for admins in cases where players spray down stack or delay the round. As an operator that already knows these rules, I think I am a good fit for one of the first JB moderators to help influence the server to grow, much like the surf server did and is continuing to do. Hours devoted to current server: As of now, 0. But the server was up for a night then came back down. I plan to be one of the highest ranking players in terms of hours.
  5. +2 I see him on the server a lot when I'm on. Very mature and active in voice chat. I think he would make a fantastic operator. :D
  6. inb4 February 10 no interview Kappa
  7. +1 Is a fun, easy going guy, very friendly. But can be seriously if the need presents itself. :D
  8. Apply for Operator In Game Name: IllusionJM STEAM_ID: STEAM_0:1:149523487 Hours: 36 hours Server: Surf Age: 16 Do you have a Mic? Yes What can you do for the server? For the most part, the LG community is very chill. My main goal to improve LG is to be able to provide a moderator during odd hours. I developed a problem last year that forces me to be in online school, thus allowing me to be on during work/school hours, as well as very late at night when people who have like... obligations.. are sleeping. I also have some past moderating experience on another surf server that no longer exists. I can give you some references if you'd like. Furthermore, what people say on the internet doesn't get to me, so I feel I can be an objective and fair moderator. Why do you want to be admin? For the most part, like I said, LG is very chill, however I want to be able to deal with mic spammers as well as any other problems that arise. My ultimate goal is to make the LG server a pleasant and fun/chill environment for all ages. :D What time are you available for an interview with me in Discord? (After being approved by Management and Owners) Anytime other than 3AM-10AM PST