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  1. august fucking savage, but anyways, +1 nice, chiil guy, would like to see on the server more though, new plugin means new frosty? xddd
  2. -1, solely because like @Fat Crack Rock said, I haven't seen you on the server much. With that said, I understand having school and work, etc. But when school is over if you could boost those hours, then reapply, it would be a +1 from me for sure. When I do see you on the server, your polite, chill, and mature. So its simply about the hours for me. Hope you can get those hours up and re-apply! :DD
  3. u r dum! i gave you proof above!! xddddd
  4. hey, i edited my comment b4 you posted this!!! get outta here https://gyazo.com/a5e7a43b00e348ba3d9c3dd4e4e24898 as you can see, "edited 2 min ago" and you posted 1 min ago, THIS IS ABOOSE prepare for ban rbh
  5. Ive always wanted to get siege because from what i know its a cross between the realism of squad and the game play of CS GO. Plying in that tourney sounds pretty fun (so long as i can actually learn the game b4 it happens) I would have gotten it when it came out, but my parents are very "anti-gaming" and do everything they can to prevent me from playing them, so its really hard for me to get any new games.
  6. I might add that CTs must give Ts a few seconds before killing for not responding to a command (ex. Warden says "shift walk follow me" then everyone goes but one guy, CTs should give him a 5 second countdown before killing him for not obeying) this is often b/c the T is typing or steam msging someone
  7. Not sure if this entails as a "bug", but i thought you guys should know about this and do what you please with the information https://gyazo.com/36085fa9a04edc9040f10df3dc998d7a like i said, its not necisarily a bug, its a flaw in the map, but technically it IS part of the map so you might decide to leave it, just thought it best to bring it to you attention :D
  8. @Rachnus in the plugin theres an "open cells" command in the !wm is that going to be a thing? If someone with the .vmf went in and renamed all the celldoor entities to the same thing, would the plugin be able to execute a command to send an input to them? or something like that? I believe theres a way to make it so if something is said in chat an entity will create an output (thus an input to the doors), but that gets sticky with limiting the input to only the warden. Idk how all the stuff works, but would a premise like that be concievable? xoxo -your n word
  9. Hey guys, my name is IllusionJM and I'm new here. For some reason I got lumped in with this "staff" thing, dont know what thats all about, I've never talked to anyone here in my life. So yeah... hi.
  10. -1 Awesome kid, super nice, very mature for his age. Would love to see as an admin in the future. However, I feel that the right calls may not always be made. I would +1 him for a trial operator where someone else shows him the ropes and makes sure he knows when to do and not to do certain things.
  11. +1 in reguards to what mopi said, I have seen you be cancer on some servers. With that said, I was pleasantly surprised with how mature you were on JB and could tell that you knew the rules. I don't think you would be fit for a surf op. because you must be social and create a nice atmostshpere. But I think you could be a fantastic JB admin because from what I know, you don't put up with bullshit and that is something more required in a JB admin. :)
  12. +1 would make a good operator, is polite and friendly, he also knows the rules of JB unlike many others
  13. August denied me because of the server wsa going back down for a sustained amount of time, I asked if it wsa fine when i applied :D @themonkey
  14. In Game Name: LG | IllusionJM STEAM_ID: STEAM_0:1:149523487 Reason for applying: I am applying for server moderator for very similar reasons to my surf operator app. Except I feel that this position is a much more crucial role. In surf servers, I wanted to help create and grow a large friendly community; however, I also applied to be able to deal with any problems that occured (micspammers, earrape, etc.). With JB I am applying for that, plus there is much more dire need for admins in cases where players spray down stack or delay the round. As an operator that already knows these rules, I think I am a good fit for one of the first JB moderators to help influence the server to continue grow, much like the surf server did and is continuing to do. Hours devoted to current server: The server has been up for about 24 hours and I have 10