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  1. Uplay name: Laurence1904 Rank: Ah yes, the Rank meme. I am better than anyone in this community, especially Dash, Kinguin Dope Senpai, Durandal, and Chubby. Best operators: The ones I own. How many operators do you own: Enough, Ash is all that matters anyways. Do you want to be a team captain?: No. I'll be a 1st round draft pick anyways.
  2. Hi.
  3. Ah yes, a Kinguin Dope Senpai admin application.
  4. Accepting this because fuck Shiro.
  5. I miss you dickhead. Go Vols.
  6. Hi :)
  7. P i g.
  8. Just got released from Syria, Trump is letting me come home. I am a free muslim. 

  9. xD
  10. Congrats. :-)
  11. Accepted, he believes in Allah.
  12. Accepted, moved to Operator.
  13. Kill yourself.
  14. Nice dude.
  15. Hi there.