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  1. +1 has the best stories to tell and is mature
  2. Make rounds shorter. I don't want to wait 9+ min when I joined 15 sec late only to spawn in as dead
  3. i love this man
  4. i like watching Spongebob Squarepants on Amazon Video when I'm going to sleep. I use sleep timer so it turns off while im sleeping
  5. I am excited
  6. @Shiro how is this even allowed. first Erik takes my player and now Pringle takes my other player. ????
  7. death penalties suck because it's basically like committing a crime and then shooting yourself
  8. Icehax is on eriks team now so we are using our sub Funky
  9. Best warden I've ever seen
  10. is it ok if we bump the time to 7 PM on friday
  11. damn nice graphics what card do you have? I tried running Steep myself but couldn't run it at these settings
  12. nah ill just wait until im 50 years old to play golf
  13. fucking faggot
  14. Disqualify him erik has ruined my teams chemistry @Shiro
  15. Did this man just steal one of my players????