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  1. Uplay name: chimmonkey Rank: Gold IV Best operators: Rook, Twitch, Jager How many operators do you own: 5 Do you want to be a team captain?: no
  2. the weak should fear the strong
  3. funny guy. join the discord to play some RB6 with us
  4. Sham is an actual pro he's played in RLCS before
  5. Sham is gonna win
  6. Dude i love this man
  7. I think I should get the game because I am getting bored of CS:GO and won't come back. I already uninstalled CS:GO so all I'm looking forward to is the League tourney or maybe R6 tourney
  8. -1 Because he didn't wait a month after he got denied
  9. -1 He's 12 turning 13 and his responses to criticisms show some immaturity
  10. my team We Love Rage is out since we lost more players lol. Unknown the dirty hispanic got vac banned
  11. +1
  12. .

  13. +1
  14. +1 has the best stories to tell and is mature
  15. Make rounds shorter. I don't want to wait 9+ min when I joined 15 sec late only to spawn in as dead