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  1. ign: chicken face S1: Unranked S2: Bronze S3: Gold S4: Platinum S5: Platinum S6: Unranked S7: Unranked
  2. i love night pls
  3. chicken face
  4. thanks
  5. rust 23
  6. hi
  7. give me it
  8. Uplay name: chimmonkey Rank: Gold IV Best operators: Rook, Twitch, Jager How many operators do you own: 5 Do you want to be a team captain?: no
  9. the weak should fear the strong
  10. funny guy. join the discord to play some RB6 with us
  11. Sham is an actual pro he's played in RLCS before
  12. Sham is gonna win
  13. Dude i love this man