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  1. 17
  3. you mean 4 dollars wow
  4. Enter the 100 p250 sand dune giveaway now with only a few short steps. Step one: Comment anything related to the p250 Step two: Good job you're done Winner will be picked on: Jun 03, 2017
  5. does indie games include counter blox Roblox offense?
  6. +1 very chill dude and would be great to have as an admin! PS he broke up 2 different arguments
  7. hey ill enter to win a game hehe!
  8. Scarlet Target disqualified VIP
  9. i had to re enter ranchnuss and illusion because they said i wont get desert tonight
  10. looks like you need to refresh your page before you quote me MR
  11. Rachnus = entered Developer Server Moderator
  12. disqual IllusionJM = 1 entry Server Moderator
  13. To enter the giveaway comment 69 and you're entered! worth double or even triple over market price. [Winner Rachnus]
  14. Bubble Buddy is great! Read More... Haha i got you
  15. Last season when plat 3 was the highest i was plat 2 the whole season. on xbox ive been to diamond but never kept it and right now i think im gold one or something but i haven't really played the game in a while. I played a casual last night actually and got a 1v4 clutch but that's it.