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  1. Hi
  2. -1 loses his temper too quickly. Makes bad decisions when ticked off.
  3. Bro chill. hes just saying they are good, he never discredited anyone. It was a compliment towards them, no need to get triggered
  4. Skip to about 5:07 and you'll see @Little_F kill Hiko. Don't know if its the same lil_fag but i'll put this here.
  5. Attack On Titan Season 2 Boku No Hero Academia Season 2
  6. English, Arabic, and like a few words of spanish
  7. Hey bud! Glad to have you here :)
  8. Both are for me, just depends on the situation. If its a party - I'm hoping to get shitfaced. But if its a little hangout or gathering - I'm going to smoke some bud. If your basing this on favorites, I feel better when I'm high. So weed > alcohol
  9. welcome back bb ;)
  10. Alright thanks m8s :D
  11. Hey guys :P I know most of you dislike league, but I want help from those who do play it. Should I forge Brolaf or Project Yasuo? I play both decently well and quite often, so I'm divided between both of them. I also understand Brolaf is a legendary skin, but I don't quite care about rarity. Feel free to suggest one to me, any and all are helpful regardless of who you are and how long you've played :)
  12. If the team is a low tier one and they end up winning, the bigger the prizes. If the team is exceptionally stacked and wins, minimal prizes? just a suggestion
  13. It looks great :D Thanks <3