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  1. get this eu poo outta here rn!!! welcome btw
  2. I want to play with the boys and carry them to victory. I played the free weekend shit and it was pretty fun. I could buy it myself but you know how it is, gotta keep them fingernails growing y'know gotta keep them barrels rolling gotta keep the sky blue you know what im sayin.... gotta keep the shit stirring gotta keep the veggies fryin
  3. +1 keeps reporting shit to me tbh
  4. my friends dog is named shitferbrains, maybe you can use it too
  5. hi nick how are you
  6. hi rock man
  7. what did i do
  8. my biggest mistake in life was inviting you to this community
  9. life in prison is arguably worse than death depending on the prison/crime though I guess
  11. show face pussi
  12. i hate you
  13. wew lad!