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Fat Crack Rock

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  1. -rep Personally I've never seen you on the server.
  2. Welcome
  3. While I think Rocco has good intentions a majority of the time and shows great maturity for his age, I feel like his inexperience with counter strike/communities shows at some important moments. -1 for me. That beings said I feel like he would make a promising candidate for operator in the future.
  4. mama i'm famous
  5. In Game Name: Fat Crack Rock STEAM_ID: STEAM_1:0:31543811 Hours: 58 for the month of March. Server: Surf Age: 20 Do you have a Mic? Yes What can you do for the server? Bring a mature and friendly attitude to all players new or old, impart my knowledge of surf onto those who are less skilled, and also accommodate a abuse free voice chat. Why do you want to be admin? To further assist in aligning the server with the core values of LG, in doing so keeping it laid back and fun. What time are you available for an interview with me in Discord? (After being approved by Management and Owners) Due to me branching out at my job my work schedule is quite random at the moment. I can easily coordinate a time given notice.