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  1. YES
  2. No
  3. Uplay name: LG_Durandal Rank: Gold Master Best operators: Blitz How many operators do you own: All of them Do you want to be a team captain?: idc
  4. h
  5. Remember the last encounter you had with us? Good laff tbh m9, I'll never forget.
  6. h
  7. h
  8. h
  9. h
  10. I would like another copy please. Thank you.
  11. +1 We need a heavy hand.
  12. 5v5 would be optimal but 3v3 is fine too. I am VERY GOOD.
  13. ah yes Siyage, how can you stop a man who is already dead inside? Also for the uninformed, Siege is 15 buckaroos.
  14. It is very obvious just from reading a few of the posts in this VERY thread that a bit of maturing needs to happen. Proto I have no negative energy towards you but it is a -1 from me.