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  1. how do you do it larkman? how are you able to bully me aka DURANDAL into submission? why is everything you post SO painful2 me, how do you do it. every day larkman, EVERY fuckin DAY. u win m8, i submit.
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  4. What makes you think bans are appealable? 🤔
  5. Larkman you make me angry.

    1. pichajay


      What have you become...

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  8. This is not an accomplishment. edit: i have made a huge mistake posting in this thread, pinchedjay wont leave us alone. The consequences will never be the same.
  9. "(even if i can be toxic at times, I can and will improve on being a better role model to other people and newcomers to the server)" No thank you.
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  11. blows my mind people think this overdesigned fucking eye sore is worth anything more than 5 cents. this skin reminded me of
  12. done and done