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  1. ok
  2. +1, he can rap
  3. v1.0 - Release _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Prisoner stats: - Guards Killed - Last Requests Won - Last Requests Lost - Streed Cred (Is gained by winning last requests or killing guards, however, if you lose a lastrequest you lose street cred) Warden stats: - Full Warden Rounds (Gained by being the first one to pick warden and live until last request is activated) - Commendations (Gained by playing a full round as warden) Shared/Other stats: - Steam ID - Name - First Join - Last Seen Commands: - sm_topprisoner/sm_topprisoners <#userid|name> (Example1:!topprisoner) (Example2: !topprisoner Rachnus) (Example3: !topprisoner STEAM_1:0:30246441) - sm_topwarden/sm_topwardens <#userid|name> (Example1:!topwarden) (Example2: !topwarden Rachnus) (Example3: !topwarden STEAM_1:0:30246441) Top Prisoner Perks: - Unique model - Sound played on round start at the prisoners location Top Warden Perks: - Unique model - Sound played on round start at the wardens location Preview of the models: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJ8XPTxLtLY
  4. Currently working on a jailbreak ranking system for top warden and top prisoner, if you have any suggestions for a top prisoner model, post it here. Popular sites for finding models https://garrysmods.org/ http://xnalara.deviantart.com/gallery/ (Steam workshop) (No waifu shit pls)
  5. v1.0 - Release v1.01 - More health to last guard - Warden tag is now set properly - Added sm_lrprisoners (sm_lrnumber and sm_lrn also works) command to check how many prisoners will have last request on the current round - Prisoners are now muted for 10 seconds after new warden is selected (Timer particle also fixed) - Fixed some ratio stuff - Fixed picking up the gun while guntoss LR - Prisoners no longer get muted if new warden is selected and last request is activated - Added support to setup days per map in-game - Fixed guards getting randomly muted (Wardens specifically) - All 3 markers can now be placed - Decoy viewmodel fixed to indicate whether or not you have an implosion grenade
  6. WTT

  7. +dude
  8. +1, you were great buddy :)
  9. what happends if I do +2
  10. Pepe