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  1. Yeah ive kinda cut down on the gaming cause school and shit, so if ya'll could just deny this. Also i go by on my alt so Professional Capri Sun Drinker
  2. Sign me up cause why the heck not.
  3. hey buddy
  4. Hey buddy :)
  5. In Game Name: Samuel L Blackson ★ STEAM_ID: STEAM_0:1:80546857 Hours: Maybe coming up on 16ish not really sure. Terribly sorry. Server: Surf Age: 17 Do you have a Mic? Aye Aye Cap'n What can you do for the server? I can moderate the server at awkward times due to my sleep schedule being absolutely pooched and provide a fun experience for new players due to my friendly nature :)) Why do you want to be admin? I have a lot of experience with being an Admin in SG (Probably over 300 hours in JB, Surf RPG and normal Surf ) and I believe that I can help enforce certain rules that are being broken in the server. What time are you available for an interview with me in Discord? (After being approved by Management and Owners) Whenever just PM me in Discord :)) Almost always in WRs Are Made Here so.
  6. Uplay name: JohnnySause // SamuelLBlackson Rank: Gold 2 or 3 idk Best operators: All of em :), Montagne and Hibana. How many operators do you own: All of em :) Do you want to be a team captain?: Fuck no tfw JohnnySause is lvl 11 lul
  7. I wish i was
  8. Some of you know me, some of you don't. Im a cunt and everyone knows that. Im sorry you guys will have to deal with me :)) P.S// I fucking love ass.