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Jared Togle

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  1. gimmie
  2. Uplay name: Jared_Togle Rank: Gold IV Best operators: montagne, blitz, tachanka, and blackbeard Most of them no thanks
  3. +1 knows the rules very well and could help out new players and deal with mic spammers.
  4. dying in thirdperson messes up spectating when dead for the whole round. Makes it so that everyone stays in one place but looks like they should move.
  5. i like the skins they look very nice.
  6. Can anyone recommend me a graphics card in the $200-$300 price range? Thanks a lot.
  7. Doing !guns as guards and selecting m4a1-silenced gives a m4a4 while selecting m4a4 in gun menu gives nothing and strips you of a weapon. Same thing happens with selecting p2000 and usp-s. Acceleration is also fucked up as you gain speed way too fast. And you should take off when it shows that you attacked a team mate as it just spams chat due to t's knifing each other. Also doing kill in console doesn't remove your guns as a guard. And doing !days sometimes says that LG JB ~ A day has already been selected when warden hasn't selected a day.
  8. 1st unique forum account LETS GOOOO
  9. another great post by monkey!
  10. make me something with jared fogle.
  11. Yo

  12. so do you roleplay as a dog when you fuck??
  13. Happy Birthday dude!