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  2. i agree +1
  3. check out http://www.konker.io/ can help you make a couple extra hundred every here and there once you start to gain rhythm. More specifically, the graphics and design section. They have offers looking for everything from t-shirts to logo designs to cartoons. You can browse through offers, or you can post your own 'ad' and people will contact you. hope this helps!
  4. Sapphire Nitro r9 390
  5. need team balancing too also add to times add admins some skins could be unfair advantage ex. banana joe everyone noscoping = noscope sound effect <- kinda annoying. maybe something else?
  6. might wanna edit that @Shiro
  7. i bought like 5 of these because theyre cheap, last forever, and theyre good quality even though its just stock earphones that come with the phone https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-3-5mm-Stereo-Headset-Galaxy/dp/B00K7JPHHA/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1484445318&sr=8-3&keywords=samsung+earphone
  8. server

    yayyyyyyyyy official lg server soon???
  9. Name: Wally Skill level: Good What you would want for a painting/drawing if you win 1st place: surprise me with those skillz Would you be able to stream the games: Y but good to have a commentator other than me
  10. You know that the price was for the insurance companies and not the actual people buying them right
  11. Wait we're planning attacks on slayersgamig now?
  12. In Game Name: LG | Wally Age: 20 Rank: gn1 Other FPS Played: combat arms, h1z1, arma, insurgency, payday 2, battlefield, ow Best Role: idk put me up for a sub?
  13. Assuming you mean chat in Chatbox, you need one approved forum post, which you now have since this thread has been approved.
  14. i kick bleaks butt any day of the week