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Adolf Eichmann_GSD™ BETS.gg

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  1. Hello chinky
  2. Marley you cuck
  3. I was too much of a new fag and haven't met you, hello there
  4. +1 great guy
  5. +1 does his job and is not a cuck admin
  6. +1 good admin on slayers and would also be good here
  7. Happy Birthday, mine tomorrow :^)

    1. erik :]

      erik :]

      thanks, ill wish u one tmrw!

  8. +1 former slayers admin, did a good job
  9. +1, former admin on slayers and did a great job
  10. +1 ur the man monkey, great admin on slayers before
  11. +1 played with him on minecraft (:P) mature guy
  12. HEY LOKI
  13. Hey doc c:
  14. hi