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  1. Thank you erik :]
  2. Amazing! I look forward to this ^o^
  3. I love the cat profile picture u made me but I need to return to my roots. i am sorry

  4. Good fucking work Lulz
  5. did i do it right real talk tho, im semi impressed you figured out you could just export and keep loading it back in for more effects
  6. Either should work
  7. you dont know how to resize?
  8. Welcome to the Team Clint :^) Hope you like it here.
  9. @.Doc. :^) @Dewey thanks for the trippy TV
  10. Sup MxBike. Welcome :^)
  11. Good idea monkey :^) Now please shave your face
  12. That's their fault, not the plugins. not having it just makes the server look dated when compared to every other server out there because they are all running both !ws and !knife. I agree the gameplay is what matters, but since people expect servers to have both... us not fulfilling their expectations is a bad look. It's like if you asked a friend if you could watch the game at their house, and when you got there you see that he has a Black&White TV.
  13. Hey Mo :^)