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  1. Maybe you should edit your post in the last bit and put, wont be accepting jailbreak admins right now till - whatever is fixed, simply because each day people keep applying even though you posted this. I mean its obvoius you wouldn't apply for a broken server, but for whatever reason, people keep applying.
  2. All I know is that ive head this guy is pretty fly
  3. Deserves legend, being completely honest here @Shiro, this dude is legit one of the nicest people and is a jailbreak know it all. Just sayin,
  4. make them watch slayers gaming meetings on repeat
  5. You are a god among men toasty, welcome aboard the servers and when JB comes up, you gotta stop by my dude
  6. Tame Impala is a sick band, their most recent album is a fun trip, but listen to their old stuff too please, it is very diffrent so if you didnt like this, look up Tame Impala, Feels like we only go backwards. good shit, For all you non smokers that wanna try smoking the green, listen to this while getting stoned Either way, this album kicks ass Heres a song that is just really fun to listen to they dont play much This song is also dank I have tons of other shit I would like to fill this thread with, but that would be pages long and no one would bother, so if you decide to click on one of these vids, have fun these songs are a blast to listen too. :D
  7. If you are or not, you are always welcomed into this sanctuary. And if you leave Ill ddos you, @Shiro back me up on this
  8. Dont be a flaming fag and you will do fine, welcome to the familia
  9. These pics look super rad, hope you had an amazing time, the snow looks really nice. Skiing is really fun once you learn the right ways to not hurt yourself. Hope you had a blast man
  10. The simple question is, what do you prefer more, Weed or Alcohol? I dont think a poll is right here because I want to hear your opinions on what you like or what you dislike about them. I know we can all say both, which is true, both are amazing, but you are at a party and you gotta decide, Which one do you pick? Also, if you say neither, explain why? Or dont, maybe you got some personal shit
  11. +1 hes going to graceland graceland
  12. pinchecow already sent me this like the G he is Ive played with/against dspstanky before, he his as hard to hook and aim at as he is in the videos, its true. He is also as nice as he is in the videos, never have seen him rage or get upset at his team like other pros or streamers have done. He also was a very very good lucio that game, got like 20 boops that clutched
  13. hey fag get gud at overwatch
  14. I was wondering that when you said you loved horror, I Immediately thought of Stephen King, he does horror really good. Yea, my mom told me that Clive does all of his own shit, like this shit This is so fucking sick looking.
  15. I was just about to say how I could make a whole thread devoted to praising him on his books, every time I read his books, I see how many chapters I can get through a day, and then realize im already half way through is book because his writing is so fun to read. Every time I finish one of his books, I feel like I just saw the world through another persons eyes. I have not read the Shining or Carrie, but have seen the movies. I was gonna start reading the book It because they are coming out with a 2017 remake and I wanted to read it before I saw it through this modern version.