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Kenguini ^w^ #FreeSweg

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  1. The tourney went absolutely amazing thank you @scoobyboobys for making this.
  2. @scoobyboobys How is the tourney going?
  3. @RussianBear Where is my badge for winning? You said it was only like two days til the badges are done. @scoobyboobys @Laurence @Durandal @dash
  4. taking my like back btw
  5. Wth. Give it 2 me someone who would actually play with you.
  6. tru story btw @Durandal
  7. P250 shoots bullets.
  8. Then if they don't want to be a sub they can always just switch to someone's team?
  9. Name: The Mad Men™️ Captain: Kenguini 1. @pinchedcow -removed jared the shit stain. 2. @dash 3. @erik :] 4. @Antonio Sub. LF ====================================================================================== @RussianBear
  10. hi
  11. Uplay name: KinguinSweg Rank: Gold 2 Best operators: BlackBeard, Bandit, Frost, & Smoke. How many operators do you own: 20 Do you want to be a team captain?: No
  12. @RussianBear is the league tourney a no no 2 randoms
  13. In Game Name: LG | Kenguini ^w^ #Freesweg STEAM_ID: STEAM_0:1:120251501 Hours: Maybe 4-6 hours. Server: Jailbreak Age: 13 Do you have a Mic? Yes. What can you do for the server? Mostly I've seen freekilling and free shooting. I can punish those who don't guard right but at the same time teach them. There has also been mic spammers but if there's no admin they can freely mic spam. Why do you want to be admin? I've been an Admin for Jailbreak before. I want to help this server because this one is my favorite out of all of them. I want to make sure no rule breakers ruin the experience for our new players who are joining since it's a new server. What time are you available for an interview with me in Discord? (After being approved by Management and Owners) Anyday after 3:00 PM PST Like this
  14. +1 Even without a mic. He can still be a big help to the server itself. There's not much admins on at the moment who can take care of the smelly ct's
  15. I'm neutral since I just met this guy today he's ok from the 1 hour I've played with him. Just wondering if I missed out on something since I haven't heard about "trail-mod"