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Kenguini ^w^ #FreeSweg

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  1. I'm neutral since I just met this guy today he's ok from the 1 hour I've played with him. Just wondering if I missed out on something since I haven't heard about "trail-mod"
  2. -1 Has created a very negative environment in Discord. Calling me stinky kenguini saying I am fat with no friends. I have asked him to stop multiple times to stop harassing me and stills continues to do so. +2 erik is nice a wee boy who cares about the servers.
  3. Have you guys ever thought during this process of measuring your weenie. How homosexual you guys are? -Kenguini with the Big Weenie.
  4. @Durandal Sorry to interrupt you. But there's this thing going around that you don't know how to give warning points?
  5. Yet again. Making a negative comment which is not nice. He is allowed to post on forums if he wants. @Durandal Please do something this is the 3rd post he has made that was really negative in the same thread for no reason.
  6. Good Luck on your trade!
  7. Whoever buys me Wildlands gets 2 be my best friend.

    1. erik :]

      erik :]

      i thought we were best friends

  8. give me all the keys now or i am not joining
  9. mc

    Why did you @ me? You didn't give me anything. It's my first day on the minecraft server. It's Asuna's minecraft server he can do what he wants.
  10. @Shiro Mass TNT Maze: When doing the TNT maze on the any map, warden can only let 1 person go at a time. If he tells multiple to go and they kill each other, warden may be punished. What does this mean. If it's like TNT race they all have to start at the same time. If the T's kill other T's by jumping in the TNT purposely that's bad? Last Request (LR) is achieved once there is only 1 non-rebel prisoner remaining. So rebeling T can't LR? I don't understand. There's others i dont understand but i'm lazy.
  11. I don't feel like we need it. But I would be grateful if we did have it for 10 man. I really enjoyed it myself. Since I can't afford skins. The only time someone was fixing their skins was when !ws was actually released after that week people who actively played 10 man didn't have the problem I don't think it's just me but it doesn't tank my FPS. Sorry that i'm a poorfag and I would enjoy the servers more with my "fake" skins. If we did put it in. It wouldn't affect the people that said no and they would use the "fake" skins anyways. While the people that wanted the skingen are happy with their sick skins.
  12. Now was this really necessary?
  13. Welcome back. @drewboo @Watchacheese How does it feel a female is beating you in your own game.